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Energica Experia demonstrates that it knows how to travel while having fun thanks to its performance. If only the network of charging stations were more extensive!

August 14, 2022

THEn that of Modena never stop, Energetic pleasantly surprised us with its sports Ego and Evaand now he starts from scratch and presents his Experia crossover.

It starts from scratch because the bike is all new and the platform from which it is born is completely new. This detail does not surprise us, first of all because the evolution in the electric field is in constant ferment and the innovations follow one another all the time, and then because the destination of theExperia is very different from the sporting sisters.

Experia is a tuourer, or rather a Green Tourer (as the platform on which it is born is called), a comfortable and practical crossover, which however does not completely deny the sporty performance and driving pleasure, which remain cornerstones.

Lhe chassis is composed of a new frame in trellis of steel pipes with aluminum side plates, cast aluminum alloy swingarm, 17 inches (120/70 and 180/55 tires) and Sachs suspension. The 43mm inverted fork is fully adjustable and offers 150mm travel; same excursion also for the rear mono adjustable in preload and extension.

The frame accommodates a lithium polymer battery, with a maximum capacity of 22.5 kWh and 19.5 kWh nominal. Autonomy is declared in 222 km in the WMTC cycleor 420 km in urban use, 256 km in mixed use and 208 km in the suburban area.

S.ulla Experia we find a new engine, more compact and lighter, about 10 kilograms saved on the scale. Permanent magnet synchronous electric motor liquid cooled redesignedon a chemistry of revised battery and on a new design of the chassis. All aimed at reducing the weight, which starts from 256 kg, to reach 276 with the set of bags, and improve driveability.

The nominal 306-volt thruster delivers continuous power of 80 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and a peak power of 102 horses and 7,500 rpm. The pair is of 115 Nm at 900 rpm and the speed is limited to 180 km / h.

The electronic equipment is very complete, are provided seven Riding Modes four selectable maps engine and four braking maps regenerative; the cruise control uses the regenerative brake to maintain the set speed and there are six levels of intervention traction control which supports the anti-skid, the anti-hopping of the engine brake and theCornering ABS.

How are you

Ldriving experience riding an electric motorcycle is always specialyou want for the years spent riding a motorbike with an endothermic engine, with gestures and sounds that accompany the guide, which suddenly disappear, you want for that continuous control of the autonomy that haunts us, often and willingly for no reason (today there are no reasons other than to check actual consumption).

The striking thing is that the Experia works so well, that in a few kilometers we forget the past and appreciate the present (or perhaps it would be better to say … the future). The throttle response, without on / off and perfectly modulated, the engine that accompanies the rhythm changes with a hiss, the no heat between the legs and the lack of gearbox, make us happy, especially in a context like that dolomitic.

TOOnce mounted in the saddle, one realizes the optimal ergonomics even if you find yourself spending a lot of time in the saddle, perhaps in an urban context where about 400 km of autonomy (regenerative braking reaches maximum efficiency), or even in the extra-urban where 200 km of autonomy declared are more than realistic.

The situation in motorway transfers is more critical, where a range of use between 130 and 160 km can be estimated.
Regenerative braking, thanks to the adjustable engine brake, with a minimum of practice allows you to use the bare essentials of the braking system, which in any case, when called into question, proves to be powerful and perfectly modular.

Speaking of brakes, we would like a nice parking brake, not present on the test bikes, which are pre-series, and which will probably be fitted once production is ready, as well as the knob for the spring preload adjuster of the monoshock.

B.balanced and with optimal weight distribution, the Experia proves agile and reactive pmore than we expected, both at low and high speeds. Even when maneuvering, with a little gas, it moves in without problems, while reverse gear is a truly indispensable must.
Only in the curves and hairpin bends on the descent, it is understood that the mass involved is not small, but the suspension and the suspension setting mitigate this sensation and make driving the Experia pleasant and not tiring.

Overall we liked this bike in all respects, certainly the price of € 31,200 optional included, makes it an object for a few, but these will certainly be satisfied. What still makes us doubtful is everything around Energica Experia, namely the network that makes it possible to use it at 360 °.

The presence of columns varies from region to region, and in some provinces the situation is still dire. Charging times with a power of 3.3 kW are approximately 7 hours to go from 0 to 100%, but a 24 kW direct current column would be enough to see the charge go from 0 to 80% in 40 minutes (plus another 30 to reach 100%).

In short, Energica is ready, the network coverage is not yet, but whoever stops is lost, and in Modena they know it well!

Pros and cons


  • Performance | Driveability | Endowment

  • Challenging price | we want the parking brake and adjustment with mono preload knob

More info Energica Experia
Location: Selva di Val Gardena
Weather: Sun 25 °
Land: State roads

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