Trzaskowski wants a big party in Warsaw. “We have experience” Football

UEFA announced on Thursday, November 4 that Poland is one of the countries that expressed a desire to host the European Women’s Championships in 2025. Apart from our country, offers were also sent by France, Switzerland, Ukraine and a combined one from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. One of the requirements for the organizers is to have at least eight stadiums that could accommodate at least 15,000 fans. Bids may be submitted until October of next year, with final selection made in December 2022.

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Warsaw wants to be the host city during the Women’s Championships in 2025. “We have experience in this”

Rafał Trzaskowski, the president of Warsaw, published a post on Twitter, in which he posted a letter addressed to the president of the Polish Football Association, i.e. Cezary Kulesza. In it, the politician expressed his desire to organize the European Women’s Championships in 2025. “Being the host city of the European Football Championship? Warsaw already has experience in this. And I hope that in 2025 we will be able to take advantage of this experience during the women’s EURO 2025! Today I officially approached the president of the Polish Football Association in this matter” – we read.

In his letter, Trzaskowski undertakes to prepare the required infrastructure and emphasizes the importance of the entire event for the capital of Poland. “On behalf of the authorities of the City of Warsaw (the potential City of Host / Stadium), I fully declare my will to apply for the right to organize the Final Tournament of the Women’s European Football Championship in 2025. The City of Warsaw undertakes to develop and prepare, in cooperation with the stadium operator, a dedicated airport and hotels and training pitches necessary application documents. With full responsibility, I classify the project in question as a matter of particular interest and importance for the City of Warsaw, both in the local and regional dimension, “writes Trzaskowski.

Warsaw is not the only Polish city that has expressed a desire to host the European Championship in 2025. The authorities of the Polish Football Association received an application from the Białystok city authorities, and after Rafał Trzaskowski’s declaration, Tychy also expressed their willingness. “I hope that we will be among the host cities of this prestigious event, the more so as we already have experience in organizing events of this rank,” said Andrzej Dziuba, the city’s mayor.

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