Trzaskowski’s speech at a meeting of the US Congress subcommittee

As we were the first to announce on Onet, Rafał Trzaskowski will deliver a speech on Thursday, December 2, at the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee of the House of Representatives for Europe, Energy, Environment and Cybernetics. At the invitation of members of the House of Representatives, he will take part in a discussion on the condition of democracy in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

The debate is to be held remotely due to the epidemic situation. The president will not fly to Washington, he will stay in Warsaw and talk to congressmen on the Internet.

Apart from Rafał Trzaskowski, the authorities of Budapest, Prague and Bratislava will also be heard. It’s not a coincidence. All four are signatories to the Pact of Free Cities. The aim of this initiative is to promote mutual cooperation and the shared values ​​of democracy, freedom, human dignity, sustainable development and the fight against populism, nationalism, the climate crisis, and social inequality and stratification.

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