TS – Onana, yesterday at 27 ‘a scene seen a few times with Handanovic. “The defenders …”

Tuttosport also focuses on Onana’s performance, highlighting a difference with Handanovic

During the analysis of the match won by Inter against Barcelona, ​​Tuttosport also focuses on Onana’s performance, highlighting a difference with Handanovic:

“From the point of view of performance, then, there was not too much work for Onana, at least in the first 45 minutes. The first ball takes 14 ‘to arrive in his part, headed by Barcelona. easy resolution for the nerazzurri number 24, who with his gloves catches the ball without making a plissé. Danger number one blaugrana, Lewandowski gives him in the first half only a peeled ball, stuff that cannot worry Onana. takes on 27 ‘, yes: but for how to dribble in the area Raphinha to set the action. A feint and go, fluid as in a dance step, you need the freest partner. Here, perhaps this is a scene seen a few times when a defending the goal of Inter there is the Slovenian colleague. Because if the alternation can also be there, quoting the words of Marotta, it is also true that at Inter there are alternating two goalkeepers who are different in terms of characteristics that cannot be more different And this is one aspect that it can confuse the defense comrades a bit, who are also called to alternate the files of movements and things to do depending on who takes the field “

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