Tuesday 16 May, the most important news from Armenia and Quindío


Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

If not for the negative streak of traffic accidents on the streets of Quindío, two motorcyclists were killed in road accidents in the last hours, there are already four between Friday and yesterday Monday.

A spectacular traffic accident between a cargo vehicle and a motorcycle with MXQ 21A license plate occurred yesterday afternoon in the Arenales sector in the south of Armenia.

The Secretary of Traffic, Daniel Jaime Castaño, indicated that agents initially attended the situation to gather information to determine the cause and responsibility. In addition, he announced that the fatality had been identified as 18-year-old Johan Sebastian Arana Sanchez.

By the way, on the La Pella-Armenia highway, a motorcyclist identified as Carlos Mario Bedoya Ramirez died after colliding with a private vehicle on the opposite lane.

It should be recalled that two more motorcyclists died in traffic accidents over the weekend, one identified as 42-year-old Alveiro Arocca Trujillo on the Armenia Pueblo Tapao Road and the other on the Armenia to Montenegro Road, a road interchange in the Villa Yolanda neighborhood. The motorcyclist, identified as 28-year-old Yeison Marcelino Urrutia Valencia, died.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

Finally, an agreement was signed with the Ministry of Sports to start the two-phase works for the National Games in Quindo.

Let us remember that difficulties have arisen with the sports venues in charge of the government of Quindío, which are the Multisports Coliseum and the Aquatic Complex.

Indeed, this last scenario is the one that has delayed the execution due to lack of agreement, although the 17,000 million pesos contributed by the nation for its construction have already arrived.

Lucas Jaramillo, the manager of Proyecta, explained that this will allow the selection procedures to proceed and the contract is expected to be signed by the Armenia mayor’s office today after the committee.

He stressed that there is a commitment to work for the development of sports fairs to be held in the month of November.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

There was a 90% reduction in fights, brawls and internal violence in Quindo over the weekend of Mata’s celebration, with the police highlighting the behavior of citizens.

Colonel Alba Patricia Lancheros Silva, the department’s police commander, distributed the balance for this Mother’s Day weekend, which saw a 50% decrease in homicides

Although a homicide was registered in the municipality of Montenegro on Sunday night, where 20-year-old Alejandro Millan was killed with a firearm, authorities are investigating the motives and perpetrators of the crime.

106 summonses, 36 immobilizations and 30 expulsions from informal sales were the result of the operation in Quindío and Carrera 14 University in Armenia.

With the aim of reducing the accident rate in the city, the Mayor’s Office of Armenia conducted night operations in the University of Quindio Sector, where 106 summons orders were issued and 36 motorcycles were immobilized.

They report a new case of robbery in the north of Armenia, on Saturday 13 May, in the La Castellana neighborhood sector, two youths were attacked by two women, who were driving in a private car, who took their cell Stole the phone and ran towards the Centenario. Avenue, which is serious given that the security cameras do not work at the time of the robbery.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

Members of the Colombian Tourist Council from Quindío requested urgent intervention from the national government because of the airlines crisis that is affecting the entire tourist chain.

This was stated by Angela Díaz, executive director of the Colombian Association of Theme Parks, who called on the national government to seek alternatives for the sector.

For their part, travel agencies in the coffee sector describe the airline crisis in the country as grave.

Given the difficult situation regarding the non-integration of Viva with Avianca, Alberto Ángel, businessman in the travel agency sector and outgoing president of Anato AJ Cafetero, pointed out that Panorama is chaotic.

They believe this is very serious as frequencies are about to drop, so the projection for the coming mid-year tourist season is not encouraging.

It calls for concerted action from the national government to remove difficulties in favor of passengers and review of the country’s air policies.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

In Armenia, 32 people left homeless by the fire are crying out for help and civic solidarity as they lost everything in the blaze in the La Vieja Libertad neighborhood.

Aristobulo Velasco Rivera, owner of a tenement that was consumed by the flames along with other homes, had lived for 40 years in the La Vieja Libertad neighborhood where the emergency struck

For his part, Oscar Humberto Trejos Gallego, Álvaro Gallego Moscoso’s nephew, remembered his uncle, who died of smoke inhalation, as a great man and a hard worker.

Those who wish to help and show solidarity with those affected can contact the following numbers: Aunex Cifuentes at 3114258373, Henry Herrera 3146545502 and Diana Patricia Arias 3103970896

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

Tourism entrepreneurs in Eje Cafetero urge the national government to accelerate the construction of the new bridge between Quindío and Valle

Faced with announcements by the authorities about the installation of the bridge in October, Alberto Angel, businessman in the travel agency sector and outgoing president of Anato AJ Cafetero, hopes that the established time will be fully followed due to the economic effects. Area.

They added that they already anticipate for the end-of-year season that the situation will improve and provide corresponding reactivation conditions.

In the same sense, the Executive Director of the Ecolap Association said that the coffee sector in general is affected because most of the tourists coming by land come from the Cauca Valley.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

Works are progressing for the installation of a slab on the La Vieja River between Quindío and Valle del Cauca

To reduce the impact on mobility and the risk of crossing the railway bridge, the mayor of La Tebedida, Vicente Young, said that the idea is a temporary solution while they intervene in the area of ​​the collapsed structure.

The local president explained that they want to recover up to 50% of the economy affected by the emergency on 12 April, for which private business already has permits and is leading in interventions that allow the initiative to operate. Are. 15 days. He recalled that the transit would be for light vehicles, tractor trucks, without exceeding 16 tonnes.

They reiterated that they expect the cost of travel to be commensurate with the needs of drivers affected by the casualty.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

Authorities intervene in more than 50 critical points in Armenia to ease emergencies caused by rain

By the way, the municipal administration signed an agreement with the foundation to intervene in at-risk areas.

Diego Fernando Ramirez, deputy director of planning in the city, socialized the initiative in which they install 6,000 linear meters of ditches to reduce the instability of the land and be prepared for the rainy season.

He also said that there is a point that leads from Union to Miraflores where work is in progress due to the importance of the area in terms of high flow of vehicles.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

In a month, the study and design will be ready for work on the Paseo del Eden in La Tebeda

This was recognized by the mayor of the municipality, Vicente Young, who said that the whole situation has been a headache due to the non-compliance of the Bether consortium in that it has not allowed progress in urban rehabilitation works.

The president confirmed that a year ago he had the money that was recovered in the process, but everything has become complicated in the sense of termination, liquidation of the contract and declaration of non-compliance.

He explained that the studies and designs were provided a month ago, so they expect to be able to proceed with the intervention in another month.

Armenia and Quindo News Headlines

Seven medals, two gold, four silver and one bronze, were won by athletes in athletics and swimming at the national finals of the 2022 Intercollegiate Games

In athletics, Valeria Sofia George took a silver medal in the high jump and Kevin Andres Agudelo did the same in the 400 meters, and in swimming Samuel Yepes Londoño won four medals, two of which were gold, while Juliana Burnett won a bronze. . ,

Monday 15 May, Main news from Armenia and Quindío

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