10 Best Recommended Alternatives To Tumblr

Tumblr is not going through its best moment, and since it declared war on pornographic content its visits have been plummeting by losing a part of its community. But we already know how the world works, and when an important platform begins to fall, others try to take their place.

If you are one of the users who has stopped seeing the grace of the censored platform, today we propose 11 recommended alternatives to Tumblr. We will try to make a balanced list, with some platforms focused on open and uncensored blogging and others that are specifically focused on attracting those who miss adult content.












If we start from the basis of considering Tumblr as a blogging platform, beyond the type of content offered it is clear that the first alternative may be WordPress. It is a classic in the world of blogs in which you can easily create one directly on your website or download your administrator to set up your own on your server and even put your own domain.

It is a popular platform with huge support and fully customizable for your tastes and the content you want to give it. In addition, thanks to that popularity you will also find lots of plugins and content to add. The only downside is that the more versatile you want to make it more complicated it can become, but its options are almost endless.











And if we mention WordPress, it is also imperative to do it with Blogger. I do not want to fill this article with platform alternatives to create blogs and that’s it, but it is inevitable to start with this pair. Blogger is much less flexible and customizable than WordPress, but it has a company like Google behind.

This allows, for example, to quickly monetize the blog with its integration with AdSense, and makes things very easy by simplifying the creation of your blog. Adult content is allowed, but you have to mark your blog as such and a window will pop up notifying people who are going to visit the content.


And if what you miss about the old Tumblr are the communities formed around you, you can’t forget Reddit. Possibly one of the most popular community platforms in the network, where you can find communities (subreddits) of all kinds of content, including for adults.

Reddit can also be used as a kind of blog, in which you can create a personalized community for your stuff, write your entries and share your links, audio messages, videos or photographs.


It is a platform that has been created with a focus on the operation of Tumblr, so the learning curve for all those who are migrating from that platform is very small. The interface changes and the operation is less fluid, but it has several things that will remind you of it.

Pillowfort is not sold explicitly as an alternative for those looking for adult content that was no longer available on Tumblr, as could be the case of Cumblr, but they say they welcome “all the content you love”. Of course, it is a closed portal where you will need to have an account created to enjoy the content of your communities.


Although if you really want a platform that traces the interface and options of Tumblr, you may have to take a look at Soup. From texts to quotes, through images and videos, it allows you to create your own wall in which to share everything you want. You also have options to import posts from social networks like Twitter, Reddit or SoundCloud, and you have the option to share what you write automatically on Facebook.

This microblog system also organizes the content into groups related to the content, so that users can join to create collaborative post walls. We cannot say that it does not even have the same options like WordPress, but it is enough for those who were already worth the operation of Tumblr.


If what you liked about Tumblr is to be able to follow the feeds and content of your favorite creators, you may have already heard of Patreon. In essence, it is a platform where creators can make pages to share their content, with the difference that it allows users to help them with small monthly payments.

It is like a kind of community in which you can subscribe to a creator, being able to offer different types of content with different quotas very much like crowdfunding. Yes, it is true that you may not like the payment alternatives too much, but in some cases, you can help your favorite artist keep doing his job.


One of the first platforms to open its arms to the arrival of dissatisfied Tumblr users was Newgrounds. Although its mode of operation and its interface are far from that of the service of which it wants to be an alternative, it enjoys a remarkable community whose motto is to share everything with everyone. Whatever it is and whoever it is, what the NSFW includes.

Its community is made up of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and writers who create and share their works and creations. Of course, you are already warned that its operation can be a bit chaotic until you get used to the main screen so overloaded.


Mastodon is a platform that we have already talked to you in-depth. It is a social network of microblogging with an aesthetic and functions similar to those of Twitter but instead of controlled by a company is a decentralized federation of servers, all of them running their free and open-source code that is published within everyone’s reach in their profile on Github.

This allows anyone to create an instance with different themes, but can also interact with each other in a general chat. It is a very complex alternative, but one that offers more freedom when creating communities with all kinds of themes and without restriction, a mix between Twitter and Reddit but much freer.

Medium and Ghost

Having mentioned WordPress and Blogger as two blogging classics, we also wanted to add both Medium and Ghost to the list. The first one, Medium, is still trying to find a way to monetize to continue growing, and although quite limited in personalization is a blogging platform in which content quality is tried to prevail.

And the second is Ghost, born in Kickstarter and that is an open-source blogging platform alternative to WordPress. Its advantage is its aesthetics that allows to inject code, collaborative posts and see how everything is as you write, although against it is the fact that it is still a platform in constant development.


Cumblr is one of those platforms that does not hide his letters, those of trying to become the spiritual successor of Tumblr in terms of adult content. And in fact, they hide so little that even the name is practically the same, and its slogan is that “adult content is welcome.”

This platform allows the free creation of a publishing space, and according to those responsible, it has been specifically created to provide users with a unique platform where adult content is well received. In fact, they say they encourage the publication of pornography, nudes, sex, and other NSFW images.


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