Tumor: algorithm predicts the evolution of the disease

The new study, published in Nature, led by Oxford University and the Royal Technological Institute (KTH) in Stockholm

From a study published in Nature, one of the oldest and most important scientific journals in existence, news that could revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. An algorithm would have been discovered capable of predicting the evolution of tumors even from healthy cells. The study, led by the University of Oxford and the Royal Technological Institute (KTH) of Stockholm, would have developed an innovative technique capable of discovering the various genetic mutations typical of cancer already present in many cells considered healthy.

The genetic map of tumors


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Defined as a kind of genetic map of tumors, this discovery sheds light on how diseased cells are born, grow and change over time. A mapping, in fact, that could help to make earlier diagnoses, and that would allow to decide in a preventive way where to direct the different treatments for a better efficacy of these.

What is a tumor


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According to the definition of Humanitas – highly specialized private hospital, research center and university teaching center -, the term cancer indicates an uncontrolled proliferation of cells that have the ability to infiltrate the normal organs and tissues of the body, altering them the structure and operation. The proliferation of many cells gives rise to an abnormal mass of tissue that does not belong to the original architecture of the organ or tissue in which it arises. This creates damage to the anatomical structures within which it develops, damaging – at times – even the healthy ones nearby. We speak of malignancy of a tumor when we refer to the speed with which it grows inside the body, and its ability to create metastases – a phenomenon by which cancer cells move from the area where they formed to another part. of the body – by blood or lymphatic spread of cancer cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer that affect humans, and among the most terrible are lung, breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers.

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