Tunden to Ninel Conde after accusing Giovanni of not letting her see her son: “you’re crazy”


Mexico city.- Ninel Conde it does not become an argument of show business by mexican litigation that has with the father of your child, Giovanni Medina, why that has been criticized in social networks.

Ninel brought to light the accusation that Giovanni does not let you see your son, then he replied that was not true, for the reason that your child does not come out is by the spread of the virus and that alone has taken the steps to care for him.

Now in social networks, internet users began to mention that she has serious problems because it is not the first time that you have problems with Medina, who had been separated but came back until it came to light the alleged rumor that she had been unfaithful with the plastic surgeon and ex-Belinda, Ben Talei.

You have problems psicolpogicos”.

Do not know how to get attention”.

Q. and so you came back to forgive?

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