Tunnel in Zakopianka. GDDKiA imposed fines on the Italian company

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways imposed the first contractual penalties on an Italian company building a tunnel in Zakopianka. It is several hundred thousand for failure to pay subcontractors on time. Since 2017, the company that builds tunnels under the Mały Luboń massif is threatened with further financial penalties.

The second line of the tunnel in the zakopianka near Mały Luboń was pierced

The second line of the bored tunnel, bored in the Mały Luboń massif, in the new zakopianka, i.e. the S7 expressway, has been punctured. Drilling teams …

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– There are all indications that the work will not be completed on time, that is until February next year – says Tomasz Pałasiński, director of the Krakow branch of GDDKiA.

It emphasizes that if the contractor completes the construction after the deadline, penalties will be charged, which the contractor has been notified of. Currently, GDDKiA is waiting for the contract engineer to complete the claims and set another construction completion date.

The tunnel was to be ready at the turn of December and January. – Now there is a chance it will be completed on vacation – adds Tomasz Pałasiński. He points out that the contractor is trying to make up for these delays depending on the range of building materials it has. Tomasz Pałasiński says that it is also important to pass the trials and obtain approvals after the completion of the work.

According to the investor’s estimates, the tunnels are 75 percent completed. Currently, special fire-retardant plasters are applied there. The tunnel is being built on the Zakopianka section between Myślenice and Rabka. It is to be 2 km long.

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