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it’s a tough job

Villagers said that growing groundnut is a laborious task and after sowing the fields have to be hoeed twice and irrigated several times. Villagers said that pistachio trees are 5-6 meters high and start bearing fruits after 12-14 years of age. Peanut yield also varies depending on the age of the tree. A 12-14 year old pistachio tree can produce an average of 15 kg of dry peanuts.

Climate is also important

The villagers said that climate is also important in pistachio cultivation and Marmaris has the ideal climate for pistachio cultivation. Villagers also said that the cold weather earlier this year was beneficial for them. Villagers use cooperative method in peanut production. Work like planting, weeding and harvesting is done by the villagers together. The fields where peanuts are collected are also sold through collective labour. The villagers said that they sell peanuts at 25 to 30 lira per kg.

peanut tourism

The villagers are working to further develop pistachio production and popularize pistachio tourism. In this context, activities like peanut collecting, peanut processing and peanut eating are organized for the tourists visiting the village during the peanut harvest period.

We received a geographic signal

Marmaris Mayor Mehmet Oktay said, “Peanuts are a product that our villagers have recently moved away from producing. Conversion of fields into land due to demand for the area also had an impact on it. Our main goal was to ensure that our villagers retain the land they have inherited from their ancestors and increase its economic value rather than selling their land and saving the day. Actually, we wanted this process to be faster, but due to the pandemic there was some delay in it, but we did not step back from our will in any way. We received the Geographical Indication of our Marmaris Turgut peanuts. “We will continue to work with our cooperative to increase and diversify production,” he said.

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