Turin, Juric and the evolution of the relationship with Cairo: clarity and stop controversy

Ivan Juric’s first press conference after three months highlighted a new phase in the relationship with President Urbano Cairo

After three long months of waiting Ivan Juric has returned to speak. He did it in the press conference to present the first Serie A 2022/2023 match of his Turin against Monza. Almost forty minutes of questions and answers, in which those who expected the technician’s digs against President Urbano Cairo was quite disappointed. Compared to twelve months ago, Juric, without hiding the current criticalities, has used much more conciliatory tones. He spoke of a relationship based on clarity, recognizing the problems faced by the owners in recent years, without failing to highlight what does not satisfy him, such as not having been able to work in the best way in the Austrian retreat due to the lack of players. He spared no Juric criticism, but showed an extreme maturity of thought and reflection.

If at the dawn of last season, his first in grenade, he said at the press conference that he had not been warned at the time of signing the corporate austerity policy (as per his own definition), this time he used very different tones, avoiding any kind of controversy, primarily with Cairo. Indeed, Juric presented himself at the press conference as the first ally of the president and of his strategies to bring the virtuous Turin back not only on the field, but also in the accounts after years of losses. “We arrived in a situation where the team had lost a lot of money for several years in a row, last year we managed to lower the wages by selling those who made a lot and there are guys who earn three or four times less. We are settling the accounts and we managed to do well. The president wants to rebuild the company and he is very satisfied and happy with the job ” emphasized the Croatian. And it was the coach himself who inaugurated with today’s press conference what hopefully is a new phase of the relationship with Cairo.

Juric has in fact explicitly said that he no longer wants to fight. The quarrels are and have served to shake the environment, but now we enter another phase. “To be good for society, sometimes you have to fight and mess, but there comes a time when I focus on the pitch because I realize that I can’t influence certain things. So I focus on the team and do my job, for which I am paid and a lot too “ emphasized the Croatian. Juric hinted that he intervened on various issues, on some battles he had a positive response, on others less (“this is the way”), but now the time has come to go further and focus on the issues of the field, those that most compete with Juric and that most involve and stimulate him. And to certify this new phase of the relationship is Juric’s answer to the question of whether he is disappointed. “No, everything seems clear to me. The president is very clear, then there are dynamics in which I cannot influence, I work with great enthusiasm despite the difficulties. But I am absolutely not disappointed. You put a stone on it on certain things”. In short, the climate is different, waiting for the market to end bringing those players who are still needed.

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