Turin-Juventus Primavera 3-4: Yidliz overturns the game

The bianconeri, down 3-1 until the 68th minute against the grenades, win a game that seemed to have been lost. The Turkish star’s double was decisive

And how Paolo Montero played derby, but someone so crazy probably had never experienced it. His Juventus, 3-1 down until 68 ‘, overturns Torino in thirteen minutes, wins 4-3 and flies to the top of the table with 14 points, one more than the grenade. A matter of sliding doors, because we would talk about something else if at 66 ‘Jurgens, launched on the counterattack, had not hit the post with the goalkeeper beaten (it would have been 4-1). Just as it would have been different if, a few seconds before the 3-3, Dell’Aquila’s lob had not just flown over the crossbar. Decisive centimeters, which in the end make Juve smile, pushed by their own changes.

Domain Toro

A painful defeat for Torino, in total control of the game for 70 ‘. And to think that it took just 30 minutes to score three goals for the opponents, clearly on the ropes. At 9 ‘Caccavo unlocks it, left alone in the area and precise in the 1-0 slip. At 21 ‘a great ball from Gineitis for Jurgens, who puts the ball in the corner where Daffara can do nothing. At 31 ‘, the Estonian striker is always very good at finding the most classic of round conclusions, which seems to knock Juve to the mat, with the Bianconeri who a few seconds earlier had reopened it with N’Guessan’s own goal on the stretched cross by Rouhi. The Montero boys grow up close to the interval, with a miraculous Passador on Turco and a free kick from Hasa that touches the crossbar.

Decisive Yildiz

In short, Juve has the merit of staying in the game when it seemed lost and the star Yildiz takes the place of Mancini at game time. Under contract with Adidas since he was 10 years old, the former Bayern Munich reopens it in the 68th minute with a sure blow from the center of the area, he goes to collect the 3-3 ball from the goal in the 77th minute (penalty by Huijsen for a foul on Turco) and makes his bench jump to his feet in the 81st minute with the header that makes Juve fly to the top of the standings after six days.

Equal Inter

Chivu’s Inter is still dry of victories, stopped at 1-1 by Atalanta. The Nerazzurri start well, with the double chance Owusu-Bonavita and the conclusion of Martini in the first 10 ‘. At 38 ‘, however, Calligaris misses the exit on Del Lungo’s harmless cross, the ball bounces off De Nipoti’s back and ends up in the net. A joke that the Nerazzurri immediately put behind them, because at the beginning of the second half Francesco Pio Esposito (younger brother of Salvatore and Sebastiano) sling onto Pelamatti’s cross from the left, thus celebrating his first goal with the Primavera. Atalanta, recovering after the trauma of the initial 4 knockouts, did not give up and close to the advantage: at 61 ‘Guercio saves Vavassori’s shot on the line, while Stabile at 90’ hits his head all alone in the middle of the area (good and lucky Calligaris). At 94 ‘Curatolo left touches the post.

Frosinone surprise

First victory for Cagliari, protagonist of a difficult start after the semi-final achieved last year. Masala at 18 ‘and Kourfalidis at 80’ hit an increasingly difficult and penultimate Napoli in the standings (5 defeats out of 6), even if the Azzurri were certainly not lucky (in the second half a post and a crossbar). On the other hand, the newly promoted Frosinone continues to surprise, passing on to Sampdoria with a brace from Cangianiello (Leonardi’s nice free-kick in the 71st minute is useless). Gorgone’s team thus flies even in second place, one point behind Juve. Cesena-Sassuolo ends in white nets.

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