Turkey. Erdogan on relations with the EU: she did not reciprocate Turkey’s efforts to improve relations

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said the European Union has not given his country adequate support in the fight against migration and has failed to reciprocate Turkey’s efforts to improve relations.

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After talks with EU ambassadors in Ankara, Recep Erdogan said Turkey wanted to establish relations with the Community on “more solid foundations”But the Union is delaying it.

– I am sorry to say that we didn’t get the answer we expected from the EU side, he said.

In March 2016, the EU reached an agreement with Turkey to contain the influx of refugees and to accommodate Ankara of Syrians fleeing the war from their country. There are currently around 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey.

– Turkey did not receive significant support on the part of the EU in the fight against migration, said Recep Erdogan, adding that it will not be possible to deepen cooperation on this issue, until the terms of the 2016 contract are updated.

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