Turn off the dryer, the zero cost method to dry all clothes

Expensive electricity bills? Turn off the dryer and use the no-cost method to dry all clothes.

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The prices of electricity and gas bills are rising throughout Europe, but in Italy the increases are truly remarkable. For this, many users are researching smart and do-it-yourself solutions for save on costs.

The very use of household appliances inside your home involves an excessive expenditure of energy consumption. However, we are used every day to turn on the dishwasher, washing machine, hairdryer and other appliances that we consider very useful for our daily life.

For example, the dryer is one of the most used appliances in your home. Those who use this appliance cannot do without face all electricity costs. During the winter season, drying the laundry is a real undertaking, which is why this useful appliance is used. Dryers allow you to have dry clothes and sheets in a short amount of time.

Dryer: what are the electricity consumptions?

Depending on the energy class and the time of use of the appliance, the consumption of this appliance varies. For example, a dryer of class D it has a consumption of five kWh per cycle. While, a dryer of class A has a consumption of less than 1.5 kWh per cycle.

As regards the increases in electricity bills, the class A +++ dryer has an average cost of 50 euros per year, the A ++ class dryer has a cost of sixty euros for 200 cycles, a class C dryer has a cost of about one hundred and fifty euros per year. The most consuming dryers are resistance dryers.

How to dry clothes without using the dryer?

To dry clothes faster without using a dryer, it is good to use clothes hangers to hang clothes to dry.

This method of drying clothes without using the dryer allows you to speed up drying times and to maximize space by allowing multiple items to be dried at the same time. Other good tips at no cost are to leave the window open and leave some space between the items of clothing.

Here are the efficient, effective and economical tips for drying clothes at no cost and without using the dryer.

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