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The gasoline price goes down swooping. After a first hike in late August, the price of fuel has returned to decline. At the moment petrol stops at 1.68 euros per liter on average for self-service, with diesel on 1.80 euros per liter. But what should we expect in the future? According to Cesare Imbrianiprofessor of political economy at Sapienza University, e Alessandro Lanzaprofessor of Energy and environmental policy at Luiss, we will not undergo major changes in the coming weeks.

Petrol, the latest incredible surprise: how prices are changing

Interviewed by Money.itexperts confirm that bearish trend should have “reached a plateau“, a minimum threshold below which – except for some vile decline – there will be no more. The forecasts are still to be taken with pliers. The fear is a new escalation on the Russian front. With the latest threats of Vladimir Putin on the use of the atomic, everything could change.

Petrol, the revolt explodes: atomic bomb on prices, Italy soon paralyzed?

But not only that, because another variable on the price of gasoline is that linked to the price cap on oil, approved by the G7. A real debate has begun on the issue between the West and the OPEC + producing nations. According to Imbriani, there is no shortage of margins to support the maximum oil price ceiling. The solution could be to increase production. In this case the price of gasoline “could drop below 1.6 euros per liter“.

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