turning point is near. Unicredit, Intesa and Telecom buy?

Below is the interview on the Ftse Mib index and on some of the blue chips listed on Piazza Affari, with questions addressed to Roberto Scudeletti, independent trader and owner of the website www.prtrading.it.

The Ftse Mib has further extended its pace, pushing itself into the 23,000 area. Are there the conditions to go up again?

On the strength of daily and weekly supports, in the last octave the Ftse Mib rose not far from important resistances, which if overcome could favor further rises.

Above the maximum of 23,015 points, we immediately averaged the 200 monthly average at 23,075 points and then the daily average of 23,155 points at 100 and 23,265 points, corresponding to the 24 weekly average.

Overcoming the latter will correspond to a new bullish leg, with targets around 23,625 points and above all around 23,935-24,125 points, which should favor, at least initially, the return of sellers.

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Conversely, below 22,850 points we could see a simple correction towards the daily 12-period average, as well as closing the gap up at 22.705-22.645 points.

A possible deepening on subsequent supports, first of all in the area 22.355-22.235 points and subsequently on the monthly average at 50 at 22.190 points and on the double daily support of the averages at 50 and the average at 24 daily at around 21.985-21.960 points, should not be excluded, whose holding should favor a prompt resumption of courses.

Do Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo offer interesting ideas on current levels? Which of the two do you recommend to bet on?

Unicredit, like all the Italian banking sector, was the victim of a war collapse of about 50%, with a recent double low and present attempt to rebound / inversion, above a psychological level of the whole price.

In fact, on the recent double holding of 8.25 euros, Unicredit offered the current bullish point above 10 euros, closing at around 10.17 euros.

Above 10.20 euros, we can think of a further bullish push for Unicredit, with supports at 9.71 and 9.48 euros and resistances at 10.91 and 11.46 euros.

After forming a relative maximum, Intesa Sanpaolo collapsed heavily under the blows of the war, with a recent trend still clearly bearish side and the present timid recovery, just below an important daily resistance.

In concrete terms, after a strong increase in percentage terms, very interesting, Intesa Sanpaolo formed a top just above € 2.90, with a fast downward trend of reversal and, on the resistance of € 1.68, it rebounded towards € 2.1880, without moreover, to be able to overcome it more, with a recent fluctuation in the area of ​​around € 1.585-1.81 and the current rebound just below the average at 100 daily at € 1.8538.

A new bullish impulse for Intesa Sanpaolo will be confirmed only above € 1.86, with supports at € 1.76-1.70 and next resistances at € 2.01 and € 2.11.

On Friday, Telecom Italia and Nexi made their fill of purchases. What can you tell us about these two titles?

Telecom Italia, after the mega gap up and rise caused by the announcement of the takeover bid, has embarked on the path of decline, accelerated by the war events in a real collapse, with present attempts to recover, hampered by daily resistance.

In fact, after the jump from 0.35 to about 0.45 euros and the maximum for the period just under 0.51 euros, Telecom Italia unexpectedly put into reverse, running towards a ravine that recently even touched 0.20 euros, with the present rebound rejected from the average to 50 daily to 0.242 euros approximately.

Possible new bullish impulse for Telecom Italia above 0.25 euros, with supports at 0.2370 and 0.2310 euros and resistances at 0.2690-0.2830 euros.

Nexi, after last year’s false bullish break of a full price with relative historical high, has started a clear bearish trend still in progress, with a very recent historical low and present attempt to rebound.

In fact, after the false bullish break of 19 euros in July 2021, a long price ordeal began, with the minimum at 7.146 euros followed by the current timid recovery towards around 9.50-9.30 euros.

Any new bullish ideas for Nexi will be above 9.53 euros, with supports between 9.12 and 8.92 euros and resistance in the 10.12-10.58 area.

What are the titles you are following most closely at this stage? Which ones do you recommend to look at now?


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