TÜV 2022 report. The least emergency car

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Since the basis for its creation are deficiencies found only during the obligatory, periodic technical tests of cars in Germany, we cannot necessarily speak of a full picture of the condition of each car.

However, it cannot be denied that the number of defects found on the diagnostic bench, especially the serious ones, in some way determines the manufacturer’s approach to quality. On this basis, each user or potential buyers of cars from the secondary market can form an opinion about a specific model. The reasoning is simple – if the elements and components tested during diagnostic checks are not defective, then the remaining ones should not cause problems as well. And vice versa. Practice shows that this scenario actually works. That is why, despite certain limitations, reports of the type like the TÜV list are highly appreciated by people who are serious about buying a used car.

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TÜV groups cars by age and determines the percentage of defective cars out of the total number of cars of a given model and year. The lower it is, the more reliable the model. The institution takes into account the defects found during the inspections that constitute a serious threat to traffic safety. Cars are divided into the following groups: two- and three-year-olds, four- and five-year-olds, six- and seven-year-olds, eight- and nine-year-olds, and ten and eleven years.

TÜV 2022 report. What does it show?

The TÜV report is based on data collected during periodic technical inspections of passenger cars at vehicle inspection stations in Germany. The German Association of Technical Inspection has the largest share of such inspections. The second largest institution in Germany in terms of the number of technical tests carried out is DEKRA, i.e. the German Association of Technical Experts, and the third is GTÜ, i.e. the Technical Supervision Society. Reviews are also carried out by other entities from the technical supervision sector, but they have a small market share for these services. Technical tests of cars look similar to those in Poland, but they are more thorough and include a greater number of checkpoints. The efficiency of brakes, shock absorbers, lighting, chassis, tires, exhaust system is checked, at the same time paying attention to the advancement of corrosion processes in elements important from the point of view of safety. It is important that each test is the same and includes the same set of checks. In this way, it is possible to objectively and fully compare with others each car leaving the diagnostic stand. Only data on significant defects are collected for the statistics, and the final result is determined by the share of cars with serious defects in the total number of tested units of a given model.

TÜV 2022 report. This is how the statement is made

Not all car owners will find their cars in the tables of the TÜV report. Those who plan to buy a used car and want to check its position in the failure rate ranking may also be surprised by the lack of a specific model. The authors of the list take into account only those models that came for technical control tests in the number of at least 10,000 copies. If this condition is not met, the car is simply not classified in the TÜV report. It is not only about those vehicles which, due to their elitism, are present on the market in a small number of copies. The problem also applies to cars popular in other European markets, but not officially offered in Germany, or not very popular on that market.

Report TÜV 2022 – least emergency cars (including failure rate in%)

Cars 2-3 years old and 4-5 years old

2-3 years old cars Cars 4-5 years old


Malfunctions Model Malfunctions
1. Mercedes GLC 1.5% 1. Audi Q2 2.1%
2. Mercedes B-Klasse 1.9% 2. Porsche 911 2.9%
3. VW T-Roc 2.0% 3. Mazda CX-3 3.5%
4. Mercedes SLC 2.1% 4. Seat Ateca 3.8%
4. Porsche 911 2.1% 5. VW Sportsvan 4.1%
6. Audi Q2 2.3% 6. VW Tiguan 4.2%
6. Mercedes E-Klasse Coupe 2.3% 7. Mercedes B-Klasse 4.3%
8. Audi Q3 2.5% 7. Mercedes SLC 4.3%
8. Mercedes A-Klasse 2.5% 9. Porsche Macan 4.5%
8. Mercedes C-Klasse 2.5% 10. Mercedes GLC 4.6%

6-7 years old and 8-9 years old cars

6-7 years old cars Cars 8-9 years old
Model Malfunctions Model Malfunctions
1. Porsche 911 3.3% 1. Audi TT 7.7%
2. VW Golf Sportsvan 5.5% 2. Mercedes B-Klasse 8.1%
3. Suzuki SX4 6.1% 3. Mercedes SLK 8.6%
4. Toyota RAV4 6.5% 4. Mazda CX-5 10.7%
5. Mercedes B-Klasse 6.8% 5. Mercedes GLE 11.2%
6. Audi Q5 7.4% 6. Audi Q5 11.3%
6. Mazda 2 7.4% 7. Mazda 3 11.4%
8. Mercedes A-Klasse 7.5% 8. Mitsubishi ASX 11.6%
9. Mercedes SLK 8.1% 9. Audi Q3 11.9%
9. Opel Mokka 8.1% 9. Opel Mokka 11.9%

Cars 10-11 years old

Cars 10-11 years old
Model Malfunctions
1. Audi TT 12.5%

2. BMW X1

3. Audi A1 16.1%
4. Honda Jazz 16.2%
4. VW Golf Plus 16.2%
6. Toyota RAV4 16.4%
7. Opel Meriva 16.7%
8. Volvo XC60 16.8%
9. Mazda 3 16.9%
10. Mercedes E-Klasse Coupe 17.1%

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