TV audiences: rugby still in the lead, France 2 is doing well with “Haute Couture”

After two more than successful first days in terms of audiences, the Rugby World Cup continues its excellent momentum. Sunday, TF1 placed itself at the top of the evening’s audiences with Wales/Fiji: 4.98 million oval ball fans watched live, from 9 p.m., the Welsh victory (32-26). ). According to Médiamétrie, the market share amounts to 26.2% for the entire public aged four and over.

Who said rugby was a sport only watched by men? Thus 30.8% of women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty (the famous FRDA-50) present on Sunday evening in front of their television watched this match. The front page is therefore in the lead on the preferred target of advertisers.

There were two other World Cup matches this Sunday. Japan/Chile, which brought together 2.08 million athletes from 1 p.m. on France 3 (17.4% PDA). And especially South Africa/Scotland, followed by 4.69 million people from 5:45 p.m. on France 2 (34.7% PDA). A score barely lower than that broadcast in prime time.

M 6 takes the blame

Faced with the breakthrough of rugby players in the first part of the evening, France 2 more than resisted. The first broadcast of “Haute Couture”, a film by Sylvie Ohayon with Nathalie Baye and Lyna Khoudri, performed very well, bringing together 3.13 million moviegoers, or 16.2% of the overall audience (but 10.8% of FRDA -50).

M 6 takes the blame. Only 1.89 million people were in front of Julien Courbet’s magazine “Zone Interdicted”, which offered an issue on getting by to end the month. The overall audience share is 10.2%. But the main thing for the Six is ​​to hold up very well against the FRDA-50 (18.2%). France 3 is just behind with the British-Austrian series “Les Carnets de Max Liebermann”, which captivated 1.77 million individuals (9% of the public). A rather very old audience since the PDA on the FRDA-50 is only 1.3%.

On the TNT side, where it was a real film festival, Arte won with “Distant Horizons” by Ron Howard. The duo Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman captivated 855,000 moviegoers (4.7% overall and 4.4% of the FRDA-50, which is unusual for movie evenings on the Franco-German channel).

C8 is just behind with a diametrically opposed offer: “Ibiza”. The French comedy by Christian Clavier and Mathilde Seigner made 770,000 people laugh (3.9% of the public). Cyril Hanouna’s channel is ahead of “Le Prénom” on W9 (3.4%) and “Let the accused enter” on RMC Story (2.7%).

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