Tv programs Tonight 12 May 2022: Live movies not to be missed

Tonight on Rai 1 at 20.30 Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Achille Lauro (31) participates in the second semifinal, representing San Marino with the song “Stripper”. Malta is also competing tonight with Emma Muscat, a former competitor of «Amici». Italy, on the other hand, is admitted by right to the final on Saturday with Mahmood and Blanco, among the favorites with «Broglie».

Tonight on Rai due at 21.20 The executioner of the night Chicago. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis, 65) is a dedicated surgeon, married and with a teenage daughter. His life is turned upside down when three thugs, entered the house to carry out a robbery, kill his wife and injure the girl. Paul, seeking revenge, sets out on the trail of the killers.

Tonight on Rai Tre at 21.20 The Tomorrow Man Two very eccentric elders live in an American town, Ed (John Litgow, 76) and Ronnie (Blythe Danner). He, convinced that the Apocalypse could arrive at any moment, has built a sort of bunker in the cellar; she is obsessed with shopping. A strong attraction arises between them, but …

Tonight on Rete 4 at 21.20 Forehand and backhand Paolo Del Debbio’s show (64) is relatively “young” (it has been on the air since March 2019) but has already been able to win the trust of the public. Also tonight the conductor proposes with the usual grace a rundown of the events that have been talked about in our country in recent days.

Tonight on Canale 5 at 9.20 pm A son named Erasmus Twenty years after having spent a period of study together in Lisbon with the Erasmus project, Ascanio (Luca Bizzarri, 50) and his old friends (Ricky Memphis, Daniele Liotti, Paolo Kessisoglu) discover that the woman they were in love with at the time is disappearance. So they fly to Portugal, where they discover that …

Tonight on Italia 1 at 21.20 Safe House: no one is safe Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) betrayed the CIA and got away with it for years. Stopped in South Africa, he is taken into custody by the men of the Agency and taken to a safe place for questioning. Here he meets Agent Weston (Ryan Reynolds, 45). But someone wants to shut Frost’s mouth …

Tonight on La 7 at 9.15pm PIAZZA PULITA In Corrado Formigli’s studio, the various issues related to the situation in Ukraine take center stage. In the debate with his guests, the journalist tries to hypothesize the various scenarios that could characterize the coming months.

Tonight on TV 8 at 9.30 pm UNDER SIEGE – WHITE HOUSE DOWN (Usa ’12) with J. Foxx, C. Tatum Some paramilitaries enter the White House and take President Sawyer hostage. Police Officer John Cal, who happens to be there with his daughter, will give them a hard time.

Tonight on Nove at 21.25 KING ARTHUR (Usa / Ireland 2004) by Antoine Fuqua with Clive Owen 5th century: the Roman commander Castus receives the order to retire, leaving Britain at the mercy of the Saxons. The druid Merlin and his daughter Ginevra will make him change his mind …

Tonight on Mediaset 20 at 21.00 FOCUS – NOTHING IS LIKE SEMBRA (Usa 2015) with Will Smith, Margot Robbie Nicky Spurgeon, inveterate scammer, takes the young and attractive Jess under his wing, acting as a mentor. Things get complicated when the two fall in love.

Tonight on Rai 4 at 21.20 CSI: VEGAS (“Legacy” with W. Petersen, J. Fox Captain Jim Brass, now retired, is accused of a crime. The experience of two veterans is used to clear him: Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, who work with new colleagues. Follows Ep. 2 “Just married today”.

Tonight on Iris at 9pm ALL IS LOST – EVERYTHING IS LOST (Usa 2013) by JC Chan-dor with Robert Redford During a voyage in the Indian Ocean, a lone navigator hits a drifting container with his boat. With the radio out of order, he can only count on his strength …

Tonight on Rai Movie at 21.10 RUNNER RUNNER (Usa ’13) by Brad Furman with Ben Af-fleck, Justin Timberlake Convinced of being scammed, student Richie goes to Costa Rica to settle scores with Ivan Block, an online gambling magnate. But the man involves him in his lap.

Tonight on Italia 2 at 9.15pm CHIPS (Usa 2017) by Dax She-pard with Michael Pena Lmm Jon Baker and Frank “Ponchi” Poncharello join the California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles for different reasons. Forced to work together, they will soon form a formidable team.

Tonight on La 5 at 21.20 THE SECRETS OF OSAGE COUNTY (Usa 2013) by John Wells with Meryl Streep When her husband dies, Violet Weston finds herself with her daughters, their companions, sister and brother-in-law. Soon, old grudges and unresolved problems come back to the surface.

Tonight on Cine 34 at 9.00 pm THE DUE CARABINIERI (Italy 1984) by and with Carlo Verdone, Enrico Montesano Glauco and Marino enlisted in the Carabinieri and immediately became friends. But when they both fall in love with the beautiful Rita, who seems to appreciate Glauco, things get complicated …

Tonight on Rai 5 at 9.15 pm PAPPANO, PIRGU, OLIVIERI Antonio Pappano conducts the Orchestra and Chorus of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia. On the program: Mass of Glory by Giacomo Puccini, Elegy by Amilcare Ponchielli and Juventus by Victor de Sabata. Tenor Salmir Pirgu, baritone Mattia Olivieri.

Tonight on Rai Premium at 9.20 pm KATIE FFORDE – THE HOUSE FROM THE RED DOOR (Ger. ’18) with Catherine Bode A few days after the wedding, Julia is cheated by her boyfriend. To understand what happened, she goes to the remote island where they were supposed to buy a house and move.

Tonight on Real Time at 9.25pm ​​WEDDING AT FIRST SIGHT USA The honeymoon is over and it is time for the four couples to move in together. But there is some tension: Amber accuses Matt of being distant and Iris makes a shocking discovery.

Tonight on Yellow at 9.10 SHETLAND (5 * st., Ep. 1) with Douglas Henshall A severed hand is found on the Shetland beaches with other human remains, locked in a bag that has been dumped into the sea. Perez and the team begin a complex murder investigation.

Tonight on Top Crime at 21.10 CSI: MIAMI (1 * st., Ep. 13) «The laboratory» with David Caruso Horatio and Calleigh try to shed light on the death of a man. Cause of death could be toxic fumes from a laboratory run by a dermatologist. Follows ep. 14 “The law of retaliation”.

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