TV programs tonight, 21 April 2022: channel by channel schedules

Our guide with the TV programs on air this evening between generalist channels and pay TV can be useful for those who want to spend a few hours relaxing

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Here is an overview of the TV programs broadcast this evening on the various networks to make your choice. Raiuno focuses on a fiction that is always a guarantee of excellent ratings such as “Don Matteo 13“, While on Channel 5 appointment with “Big Show”With Enrico Papi, moved to Thursday. Talent show fans, on the other hand, will be able to follow the episode of “Beijing Express” up Sky One.

What to watch on TV tonight: the programs not to be missed on April 21st

The programming of the main free-to-air and pay channels in prime time: here’s what to watch on TV.

Rai1 – 9.20 pm Don Matteo 13 FICTION

Fourth appointment with the fiction with Nino Frassica, Maurizio Lastrico, Terence Hill, Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta. In this episode, Marco’s half-brother arrives in Spoleto, but relations between the two are not good. His presence is thought to be linked to the murder of a parishioner of Don Matteo. Federico and Greta, meanwhile, get closer and closer, while Anna receives an unexpected visit from her instructor at the time of the Academy, with whom she has always had a great understanding.

Don Matteo programs
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Rai2 – 9.15 pm Males against females FILMS

Films with Fabio De Luigi, Paola Cortellesi, Giorgia Wurth, Lucia Ocone, Giuseppe Cederna, Carla Signoris. The film, directed by Fausto Brizzi, tells a series of ordinary stories that have as protagonists men and women struggling with the difficulties of everyday life. This is the case of Walter and Monica, who have recently had a child, but who have not made love for a year. Their neighbors, Chiara and Diego, are no longer able to get along and never miss an opportunity to insult each other.

Rai3 – 9.20 pm Special Borders – The ways of war NEWS ‘

Putin’s War“. Franco Di Mare is at the helm of this special event dedicated to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where he will try to answer several questions: what are the real aims of the Kremlin leader? Keep Ukraine away from the Atlantic alliance? Defending the Donbass in the hands of pro-Turkish separatists? Is its objective the same as the conflicts sown by Moscow in the former Dovietic republics? Or is this the first stage of a large-scale military operation to refound the Soviet empire?

Rete4 – at 9.20 pm Forehand and Reverse NEWS ‘

The consequences and the new scenarios opened by the Russian offensive in the Donbass will be at the center of the new appointment with the in-depth talk show conducted by Paolo Del Debbio. S will try to understand what Vladimir Putin’s real goal is and what are the viable ways to achieve peace. Ample space will also be dedicated to the economic repercussions of sanctions: citizens and businesses are in fact having to deal with the high cost of living and the increase in energy. Is there a risk of reaching a real war economy with the rationing of goods?

Canal5 – 9.20 pm Big Show VARIETY

Third appointment with the people show hosted by Enrico Papi, in which everyone can become protagonists for one evening (without their knowledge). The spectators of the Auditorium Massimo in Rome and those who watch the show comfortably on their sofa at home, especially if they have a special talent or a dream to realize, can be involved in the show suddenly and realize, perhaps, one of their dreams. thanks to the complicity of relatives and friends. The conductor is joined by Palm ZeudiMiss Italy 2021, from the comedian Spark, in the role of clumsy helper, and from Cristina D’Avena in the capacity of particular correspondent. Guests Ron and Ivana Spagna.

Big Show programs
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Italia1 – 9.20 pm Taken – The Vendetta FILM

Films with Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Leland Orser, DB Sweeney, Jon Gries. The protagonist of the story is Bryan Mills, a former CIA man and target of the revenge of a group of Albanian criminals, related to the kidnappers killed by his hand in the liberation of his daughter Kim some time ago. What should have been a normal vacation to spend with the family will thus turn into a real nightmare.

Events not to be missed on Sky: the most interesting programs

At 21-15 on Sky Uno the seventh episode of “Beijing Express”, In which the remaining competitors will land in the third country on their Route of the Sultans, the fascinating Jordan. Leading them is Enzo Miccio, who is replacing the driver Costantino della Gherardesca, victim of an injury.

Among the programs on the air the start is at 9.15 pm on Sky Series from “Outlander“, Series starring Claire Randall, a married woman and a nurse from World War II, which mysteriously ends in a bygone era, in 1743, where she quickly becomes involved in a world alien to her and events that endanger his life.

Sky programs for those who love cinema

Laughter guaranteed for those who decide to follow “Belli Hello“, Broadcast at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno, with Pio D’Antini, Amedeo Grieco, Lorena Cacciatore, Rosa Diletta Rossi, Gegia. At the center of the story are Pio and Amedeo, two inseparable friends, or at least they were until the day of maturity, when for them too, inexorably, the fateful dilemma that grips the young people of the South: give up everything in search of a future better or stay home and try to build that possible tomorrow?

There is no shortage of twists “The Percy Process“, Broadcast at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due, with Christopher Walken, Roberta Maxwell, Christina Ricci, Zach Braff, Adam Beach. The film is inspired by a true story that took place in 1988. 70-year-old farmer Percy Schmeiser challenges a multinational to defend his lands.

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