Tv Programs Tonight Monday 3 October 2022: Live movies not to be missed

Tonight on Rai 1 at 21.25 Survivors «Survivors» Twelve people set sail from Genoa aboard the Arianna sailing boat for an ocean crossing. The purpose of the trip is to raise charitable funds. Among them, Luca (Lino Guanciale, 43), who organized the crossing. After a few days of navigation, the boat disappears from the radar …

Tonight on Rai 2 at 21.20 Tonight everything is possible The theme behind the games of the second episode is “Coast to coast”. In the studio with Stefano De Martino, who turns 33 today, we find Biagio Izzo, Francesco Paolantoni and Vincenzo De Lucia. As always, the most awaited (and feared by competitors) test is that of the Inclined Room.

Tonight on Rai Tre at 9:25 pm Direct connection After the special edition dedicated to the elections, Riccardo Iacona (65) returns to propose his inquiries. In the one tonight, entitled “The National Recovery and Resilience Plan”, we talk about the difficulties and delays of the PNRR while everyone wonders if we will be able to respect the deadlines imposed by Europe.

Tonight on Rete 4 at 21.20 Fourth Republic Few journalists know the secrets and mechanisms of politics like Nicola Porro (53). It is therefore not surprising how the deputy director of the newspaper “Il Giornale”, even in this hectic period, manages to tell what is happening in Parliament, but also the rumors about the protagonists of the coalitions

Tonight on Canale 5 at 9.20 pm Grande Fratello Vip Fifth appointment in prime time with the seventh edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Between nominations and eliminations, in the long evening there will be comparisons, surprises and a look at the comments on social networks. In the studio we find the commentators Sonia Bruganelli (48) and Orietta Berti.

Tonight on Italia 1 at 21.20 Colombiana Cataleya (Zoe Saldana, 44) is a killer who works under the orders of her uncle Emilio (Cliff Curtis). She has only one purpose in her life: to avenge the death of her parents, who were killed in Colombia when she was little. Discovered that the principal is the infamous Don Luis (Beto Benites), she tries to reach his hiding place

Tonight on La 7 at 9.15 pm AT THE SUMMIT OF TENSION (Usa ’02) by Phil Alden Robinson with Ben Affleck Jack, a brilliant CIA analyst, tries to thwart a terrorist attack. A neo-Nazi group, in fact, is ready to detonate a nuclear device in a stadium.

Tonight on Tv 8 at 9.30 pm GOMORRA – THE SERIES (4th st., Ep. 1) with Salvatore Esposito Genny, the Savastano heir, is now alone and increasingly vulnerable. Something in him has broken since Ciro is no longer at his side. And to protect his family, she has to change her strategy.

Tonight on Nove at 21.25 LITTLE BIG ITALY After the Turkish stop in Istanbul, the Roman restaurateur Francesco Panella flies again to the United States and arrives in Washington. The Roman restaurateur’s task is to find true Italian cuisine even in the American capital.

Tonight on Mediaset 20 at 21.05 PACIFIC RIM (Usa 2013) by Guillermo Del Toro with Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba The Earth is threatened by an alien invasion. To counter the monsters, huge robots are created, mentally commanded by human pilots. Among them is Raleigh Becket …

Tonight on Rai 4 at 21.20 SAVAGE DOG – THE WILD (Usa 2017) by Jesse V. Johnson with Scott Adkins Indochina 1959. The Irishman Martin Tilman, former boxing champion, is imprisoned in a prison camp run by corrupt men who exploit him for clandestine boxing matches

Tonight on Iris at 21.00 OCEAN’S THIRTEEN (Usa 2007) by Steven Soderbergh with George Clooney Danny Ocean reunites Rusty, Linus and the rest of the gang to sabotage the opening of the Willy Banks casino. The man ruined Reuben Tishkoff, an old friend of Danny’s.

Tonight on Rai Movie at 21.10 FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (It. ’65) by Sergio Leone with Clint Eastwood The bounty hunter known as “the one-armed” hunts down a Mexican bandit nicknamed “Indio”, who has just escaped from prison. But he is not the only one who wants to capture him …

Tonight on Italia 2 at 21.15 DUNCANVILLE “Wolf’s mother!” (1st st., Ep. 10) Annie doesn’t feel appreciated and she wants to help Wolf, Duncan’s friend. Meanwhile, Jack tries to make Annie forgive him by giving her a rare flower. Follows ep. 11 “President without class!”

Tonight on La 5 at 21.10 ROSAMUNDE PILCHER: SECRETS AMONG FRIENDS (Ger. ’17) with Patrick Fichte, Denise Zich, Jens Peter Nünemann Sandra is paired with Luke, a famous photographer and friend, at the meeting between former schoolmates. But someone threatens to reveal old secrets …

Tonight on Cine 34 at 9.00 PM BEAUTIFUL OF DAD (Italy 2015) by Guido Chiesa with Diego Abatantuono, Matilde Gioli The widower Vincenzo, a successful entrepreneur, decides to stage the failure of his company to force his children to try a new experience: working for a living.

Tonight on Rai 5 at 9.15 pm HANDS ON THE CITY (It. ’63) with Rod Steiger The builder Eduardo Nottola, right-wing city councilor in Naples, sees his prestige compromised due to the collapse of a building. But he manages to get away with switching to another party….

Tonight on Rai Premium at 21.20 THE GOOD DOCTOR (2nd st., Ep. 7) “A new friend” – “Stories” with Fiona Gubelmann Claire asks Melendez to assist her roommate, who suffers from ovarian cancer. Morgan and Shaun search for a donor for a kidney transplant. Follows ep. 8 “Stories

Tonight on Real Time at 21.20 SISTERS ON THE LIMIT The family vacation begins in the worst way when Tammy refuses to enter the cabin. Meanwhile, Chris hopes he has lost enough weight to finally be able to make his big dream come true.

Tonight on Giallo at 21.10 THE CHELSEA DETECTIVE (1st st., Ep. 4) “Studying in Chelsea” with S. Henry, A. Scarborough Oliver, a devoted family man and respected educator, is murdered. Max and Priya start the investigation as some secrets emerge in the elite school where the victim taught.

Tonight on Top Crime at 21.10 THE MENTALIST (7th st., Ep. 11) “Red clay” with Robin Tunney, Simon Baker During the investigation of a double murder, Jane and Lisbon decide to collaborate with a medium, who helps them identify five other victims. 2 episodes follow.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Uno at 9.15pm BLA BLA BABY (It. ’22) by F. Brizzi with Alessandro Preziosi Luca works in the nursery of a large company. One day, after eating a “contaminated” baby food, he realizes that he can understand the verses of the children. This creates daring situations.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Due at 9.15pm DONNIE BRASCO (Usa 1997) with J. Depp, Al Pacino A young FBI agent infiltrates a mafia organization and wins the trust of Lefty Ruggiero, a mature criminal. Between the two a friendship is established with unpredictable consequences.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Family at 20.25 ELFKINS – BEST BAKERY MISSION (Jer. 2019) Elfkin gnomes have always lived underground, away from humans. But one day the young Helvi breaks the rule: she will live hilarious adventures and make friends with the confectioner Theo.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Action at 9.00 pm THE RISING HAWK – THE ASCESA DEL FALCO (Ukraine / USA 2019) with Robert Patrick XIII century. The Mongols are conquering territories relentlessly. In order to face them, the leader of the Capazi village, Zakhar, asks for help from the fighters of the neighboring regions.

Tonight on Sky Cinema Suspense at 9.00 pm A DOUBLE TRUTH (Usa ’16) by Courtney Hunt with Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger Attorney Richard Ramsay and young colleague Janelle Brady take on the defense of 17-year-old Mike, suspected of killing his wealthy father. But the young man refuses to cooperate.

Tonight on Sky Uno at 9.15pm MASTERCHEF USA Competitors must prepare a dessert within 90 minutes and to perfection, otherwise they risk being eliminated by judges Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich. Then, divided into two teams, they cook a steak for 101 cowboys and cowgirls.

Tonight on Sky Atlantic at 9.15pm HOUSE OF THE DRAGON (1st st., Ep. 6) with O. Cooke, E. D’Arcy Ten years have passed since the Battle of the Stepstones and now the region is left defenseless. With King Viserys visibly suffering and aged, Alicent and Rhaenyra fear the worst. Episode 7 in vo follows

Tonight on Sky Serie at 9.15 pm RFDS: ROYAL FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE (1st st., Ep. 8) with Emma Hamilton An explosion occurs in a mine: the conditions of two brothers are particularly serious. Leonie’s team, with only one plane available, is forced to ask for reinforcements.

Tonight on Sky Investigation at 9.15 pm ELEMENTARY (6th st., Ep. 11) “You’ve come a long way” with Jon Michael Hill, Lucy Liu While Joan and Detective Marcus investigate a case of smuggling and corrupt ATF agents, Sherlock proposes a brief truce to Moriartry. Follows ep. 12 «A unique opportunity».

Tonight on Sky Documentaris at 9.15 pm THE INVISIBLE PILOT 1st and 2nd p. The story of Gary Betzner, father of three, Navy veteran and esteemed pilot specializing in spraying agricultural areas in Arkansas. In 1977 he staged his suicide to cover up a drug smuggling. The 3rd p. airs on 10 October.

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