TV series coming out in December 2022: the 10 most beautiful

Tra le tv series coming out in december there are the highly anticipated third season of Emily in Paris (everyone wants to know if the young American will move for love in that of London), the new scandals of the teen drama Gossip Girl and the adventures of friends Tully and Kelly in The summer we learned to fly.

They look promising too The Bad Guywith Louis LoCascio in the role of a magistrate who takes the side of mafiathe comedy I hate Christmas with Pilar Fogliati in search of love and the touching What we didn’t saytaken from the bestseller by Marc Levi. On Parmount+ at Christmas it overlooks Sylvester Stalloneoutcast of the underworld in Tulsa King.

The 10 most beautiful TV series coming out in December

Emily in Paris 3. From 21 December. Netflix

Come back there TV series with Emily (Lily Collins, also producer) the pièrre who now finds herself at a working and above all sentimental crossroads: who will choose between Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) e Gabriel (Lucas Bravo)? To follow Alfie Emily will move to London?

For sure Emily will continue to show off his extravagant looks And colorful, but has a new cut with bangs in store. That this change of style could mean that the protagonist intends to give a drastic change in your life? In addition, fans fantasize about the possible entry of Kim Catrallthe Samantha Jones of Sex and the City, to take on the role of Emily’s new PR. We’ll find out at Christmas.

Gossip Girl 2. From December 2nd. Sky

Come back the reboot of the teen drama about the scandalous lives of the elite of the Upper East Side of manhattan developed by showrunner Joshua Safran, former writer and executive producer of the original series of the same name (which ended in 2012). Expect even more intrigue, more secrets and more scandals.

Old enemies, new allies, everything in constant evolution: there can be only one queen and by the end of the school year everyone will know where the secrets and who brought them out into the open. There will be great news: he returns Georginathe mother of Milo, born in the fourth season of the previous series. The new episodes are also based on the best-selling novels by Cecily von Ziegesar.

Gossip Girl 2. (Sky)

Slow Horses 2. From December 2nd. Apple TV+

The Academy Award Gary Oldman takes on the role of again Jackson Lamb, the brilliant and cantankerous head of British intelligence agents serving in a department of the MI5 junkyard. In the second season of Slow Horses some secrets of the Cold War long buried that threaten to lead to carnage on the streets of London. When the relationship with the Russians takes a fatal turn, the team must try to overcome their individual failings and raise the bar to avoid a potentially catastrophic accident.

The Apple series is an adaptation of Dead Lionssecond novel in the saga of slow horses, Signed by Mick Herron, winner of the CWA Gold Dagger Award. In the cast also stand out Kristin Scott Thomas And Jonathan Pryce.

The summer we learned to fly 2. From December 2nd. Netflix

What could have caused the end of the 30-year bond between the friends Tully and Kate? We’ll find out in this season of the tv series that it was a small coincidence when it came out, but first Kate must deal with the painful consequences of Johnny’s ill-fated mission in Iraq. Tully, on the other hand, becomes embroiled in a lawsuit after leaving her talk show and has to start his career from scratch. All this makes her reflect on her own nature and origin, prompting her to seek out the father she never knew.

We will be projected in the 80s when Kate and Johnny are at the beginning of their romance and work together in the drafting while Tully makes a career and clashes (and flirts) with the swashbuckling sports commentator Danny Diaz. He could be her soul mate, if they could just stop arguing for five minutes. In the 70s Kate and Tully instead they are teenagers who struggle to keep their friendship intact when Nuvola ends up in prison for drug trafficking and Tully goes to live with her grandmotheraway from Firefly Lane.

Katherine Heigl as Tully. (Netflix)

I hate Christmas. From 7 December. Netflix

There romantic comedy sees as the protagonist Pilar Fogliati grappling with the search for love at the most critical moment of the year, that of days before Christmas dinner with the family. Gianna (Fogliati) really can’t stand the 25th December: it’s not the fault of the crib, the lights or the gifts, every year, for thirty years, the Christmas puts her in front of herself with the question of questions: where are you in your life? Gianna is a nurse, the job she likes, and has three best friends. The problem is always the same: a company. This time Gianna seems intent on finding someone for her eve dinner.

The spectacular trailer of “Avatar: The Way of the Water”, the awaited sequel arriving at Christmas

The spectacular trailer of “Avatar: The Way of the Water”, the awaited sequel arriving at Christmas

Who? You have 24 days to find out. Between blind dates, colossal mistakesnights of sex and cry with friends Gianna will realize it’s not Christmas to judge her and that she simply has to accept life for what it is.

“I hate Christmas”. (Netflix)

The Bad Guy. December 8th. Prime Videos

Nino Scotellaro (Louis LoCascio) is a Sicilian magistrate who has fought all his life against the mafia. His obsession is the fugitive Marino Surothe man who also killed his wife’s father (Claudia Pandolfi). But life puts him in front of something unthinkable: he is falsely accused and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Also, after an accident, he finds himself on the loose and presumed dead. Nino he decides to go to the other side of the fence, to assume the identity of a mafia man to kill Marine. Will he succeed?

The series, between crime and comedydirected by Giuseppe G. Stasi and Giancarlo Fontana (Put grandma in the freezer), is the surprise of December that puts a Lo Cascio never so tough. The first three episodes will be available from 8 Decemberthe last three from 15.

Louis LoCascio. (First Videos)

The mystery of the templars – the tv series. From 14 December. Disney+

The life of Jess Valenzuela is shocked when a stranger gives her a clue about a age-old treasure which may be related to hers fatherlong dead. Jess has a knack for solving puzzles and his skill is put to the test when he and his friends follow a series of clues hidden in manufactured goods and American monuments.

But it will succeed Jess to outwit a black market antiquities dealer in a race to find history’s greatest lost treasure and uncover the truth about the his family’s past? That she is the daughter of the notorious archaeologist Benplayed in the 2004 film of the same name by Nicolas Cage?

“The Mystery of the Templars”. (Disney+)

What we didn’t say. From 15 December. Lionsgate+

There romantic series is based on the best-selling book by Marc Levione of the best known French authors of the United States. Julia Saurel never had a good relationship with the father: three days before the wedding, he receives the bad news of his death. Wedding dreams turn into funeral plans. The father Michelle seems to want to continue upset her life even from beyond.

Julia in fact he receives at home a life-size android that looks just like Michel (Jean Reno). From that moment begins a road trip seven days (like the battery life of the robot) that will take the two from Paris to Madrid, from Bruges to Berlin to recover a torn relationship and a past love, Thomasa reporter Julia thought was dead. Marc Levi has been translated and published in 50 languages ​​and has sold over 50 million copies, he is the most widely read French author alive.

Jack Ryan 3. From December 21st. Prime Videos

Another return, that of Jack Ryan. The highly anticipated third season of the series acton thriller taken from Tom Clancy with John Krasinskiis about to reveal itself. Jack will face a race against time because he is unjustly implicated in a great conspiracy: he finds himself a fugitive. He is sought after around Europe both by CIA that gives an international criminal organization which he discovered himself.

Jack, forced into hidingwill try to survive and prevent a global conflict. Beyond Krasinsky they will get back on track too Wendell Pierceas James Greer, and Michael Kelly in those of Mike November.

John Krasinski. (First Videos)

Tulsa King. From 25 December. Paramount+

This series tells about New York mob boss Dwight “The General” Manfredi (Sylvester Stallion), who, having been released from prison after 25 years, is exiled by his boss a Tulsa, Oklahoma. Realizing that the Mafia family to which she belongs may not have his best interests at heart, Dwight assembles a team composed of a group of unlikely characters that will help him found a new criminal empire.

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Sylvester Stallone. (Paramount+)

Right there at Tulsa, where it seemed unthinkable. At that point the boss of him realizes that Dwight she hasn’t lost the polish of the good times at all and is trying in every way to get back in touch with him. How will it end?


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