TV series coming out in October: 10 to see

Lost October’s TV series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Pillow linen is the protagonist of survival survivorthe, Jessica Biel interprets Candy Montgomery that in the 1980 killed his neighbor with an axe, while Notre Dame he will take you together with the firefighters into the flames of the fire that devastated the Parisian cathedral.

Much lighter tones revolve around Vincenzo Melanconicothe character invented by Diego DeSilva which for the first time arrives on TV. Crime and comedy pass the baton. For those who love dance and intrigue the third season of Step Up suits you while Everything asks for salvation with the young Federico Cesari of Skam Italy will take you into the depths of the psyche and the juvenile mental illness.

The 10 TV series to watch in October

Survivors. From 3 October. Rai 1

A sailboat named Ariadneelegant and modern, sets sail from the port of Genoa for an ocean crossing with twelve passengers. Each of them brings with them the baggage of their own life, complex and sometimes painful, and the hope that that adventure can mark a new beginning. The group begins the journeyunaware of the fate that awaits him, as are the family members who greeted them happy, from the platform.

After a few days of navigation the Arianna disappears from the radars. A year later, when all hopes of finding her have been completely abandoned, she mysteriously reappears, reduced to a wreck with only seven passengers on board. What happened to the others? How did the survivors stay alive? Survivors with Pillow linen try to answer the question of questions: what are you willing to do to survive?

“Survivors”. (Rai)

Candy: Death in Texas. From 12 October. Disney+

1980. Candy Montgomery (Jessica Biel) is a housewife and mother who has done everything right: a good husband, two children, a nice house, and even careful planning and execution of transgressions. But when the pressure of conformity works its way through her, her actions cry out for a little freedom. With fatal results.

Jessica Biel he is also executive producer of Candy: Death in Texas. The series is based on the true story of Montgomerta woman who killed the neighbor Betty Gore with an axe. A murder that shocked a nation. Candy was acquitted in self-defensebut that story is still shrouded in mystery. What happened that June 13, 1980 in the house of her friend Betty?

“Candy: Death in Texas”. (Disney+)

Shantaram. From 14 October. Apple TV+

The drama series is based on the best-selling novel by Gregory David Roberts and follows the story of a fugitive named Lin Ford (Charlie Hunnam) that tries to lose its traces in the chaotic Mumbai Some years Eighty. Alone in an unfamiliar city Lin, played by the actor of Son of Anarchy, struggle to escape problems that crush him. Meanwhile he falls in love with a woman enigmatic and intriguing named Karla which he thinks is his Guardian angel since the first meeting. Lin will have to let go of his past and choose between freedom or love. Shantaram and an action thriller which has all it takes to be another series Apple with flakes.

Charlie Hunnam. (Apple TV+)

Everything asks for salvation. From 14 October. Netflix

The series of Francesco Bruni is loosely based on the autobiographical novel by Daniel Mencarelliwinner of Young Witch Award 2020. The main character is Federico Cesarithe Martin of Skam Italywho plays the role of Daniela twenty-year-old who after a psychotic break wakes up in the dormitory of a psychiatric wardalong with five roommates he thinks he has nothing in common with.

I’m with him Mario (Andrea Pennacchi) Gianluca (Vincent Crea), George (Lorenzo Renzi) Madonna (Vincenzo Nemolato) e Alexander (Alessandro Pacioni). Fotini Pelusolaunched by The company of the swanis Nina, a classmate that Daniele had met in high school and who he finds again in the ward. Daniele will have to spend seven days in that place. If at first it seemed like a sentence, over time Daniele realizes that he is going through one of the most intense and formative experiences of his life. A dramedy on discomfort of living of new generations. They are also in the cast Ricky Memphisone of the nurses, Lorenza Guess and Caroline Crescentini as Daniele and Nina’s mothers.

Fotinì Peluso and Federico Cesari. (Netflix)

Step Up. Season 3. From October 16th. Lionsgate+

Come back there tv series following dramas, scandalous love affairsbetrayals and rivalries within the world of music and dance of High Water. The heart of Step Up it is precisely the school where new show talents are formed and the place where they flare up corruption, suspicions, desires, resentments and ambitionsthe. This time the founder Sage Odom (Ne-Yo) is accused of homocide and his partner in business and in love Collette Jones (Christina Milian) tries to patch up.

In the middle of the chaos there are the young talents who they aspire to be the rappers and dancers of tomorrow: Line (Terrence Green) poppy (Kendra Oyesanya) Such (Keiynan Lonsdale), Davis (Carlito Olivero) Odalies (Jade Chynoweth) and the mysterious newcomer Angel (Rebbi Rosie). However, making your dream come true has a price to pay.

“Step Up 3”. (Lionsgate+)

Notre Dame. From 19 October. Netflix

The miniseries, inspired by the book La Nuit de Notre Dame written by the Paris firefighters and Romain Gubert, tells of the fire that devastated the French cathedral in 2019 and kept the world in suspense. The stories of several characters intertwine during that April 15 when the fire threatened to bring down a universal monument.

Everyone will remember what they were doing that night. In the series the destinies of men and women, grappling with their own problems, inevitably mix with Parisian firefighters doing everything to contain the flames. All the characters will fight, love, hate, hug and help each other move on. How many people will have had the same thing happen to them that very day?

“Notre Dame”. (Netflix)

Vincenzo Melanconico. Failed lawyer. From 20 October. Rai 1

Vincenzo Melanconico, character born from the pen of Diego DeSilva, also lives on TV. This is a semi-unemployed lawyer (Massimiliano Gallo)of a semi-divorced husband and above all of an irresistible natural philosopher. He is a failed lawyer: he deals with not particularly demanding disputes and does not always bring home victories. There’s only one thing he knows how to do: philosophize. Vincenzo always has a thought in mind.

Vincenzo’s professional precariousness goes hand in hand with his private one: Nives (Teresa Saponangelo), his ex-wife, an established psychologist, left him some time ago to marry an architect. Melancholic would like to reconcile the family, but promptly receives the two of spades. But when the little lawyer starts dating his colleague Alessandra Persiano (Denise Capezza), Nives will not step aside, on the contrary. Personal events aside Melancholic will follow a case of a certain Mimmo ‘O Burzone, sleazy Camorra butcher on which hangs the accusation of tearing uncomfortable corpses to pieces. Crime and comedy feed off each other.

Maximilian Gallo. (Rai)

Gangs of London – The dark side of London. From 22 October. Sky and Now

Six months after the tumultuous events of Season 1the map of London has been redesigned. After the collapse of the empire Wallace-Dumaninew gangs are taking over and the city is in danger of collapsing in anarchy. Elliottthe former undercover cop played by I know Dìrísù, is forced to work for “the Investors” who, tired of watching the city fall into chaos, decide to regain control of it.

Old acquaintances and new entries will fight against the new orderforcing sworn enemies to work together and members of the same family to betray each other. Who will win the battle for London? The acclaimed action drama created by Gareth Evans and by Matt Flannery.

Guillermo Del Toro’s Wonder Room. From 25 October. Netflix

The award director Oscars for The shape of wateras well as creator and executive producer Guillermo del Toro, took care of this story collection that seek to challenge the traditional idea of horror. The eight stories range between macabre, magical, gothic, grotesque and disturbing. Two original subjects by del Toro himself are included. A taste of the atmosphere so loved by the director who will soon arrive Netflix with its stop motion version of Pinocchio. We can’t wait to see it. In the meantime let’s enjoy these sophisticated and sinister jewels.

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“Guillermo Del Toro’s Wonder Room”. (Netflix)

Free body. From October 26 the TV series on Paramount +

the series, based on the homonymous novel by Ilaria Bernardini, is a thriller set in the world of women’s artistic gymnastics. It is the story of a sport made of lightness, jumps and flights, but also of military training, strict rules and terrible sacrifices. Free body has youth and risk at its core, desire for growth and fear of change, while unbridled competition and stainless friendship, physical and psychological violence, blood pacts, kisses and nocturnal escapesdrug resistance tests and hallucinations. A spectacular time bomb just waiting to explode: the centrifugal force of adolescence is compressed by the centripetal force of competition.


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