TVP VOD for the fall. Premiere films and series – series, TVP, TVP VOD, autumn 2021

• Autumn on TVP VOD means premiere films and series, cinema classics, as well as entertainment
• There will be more seasons of favorite Polish series, with episodes available before their broadcast, as well as continuation of foreign series.

The library of foreign news opens with a series made on a grand scale “Taboo”, with the prominent role of Tom Hardy. They will intrigue “Bozkir” – engaging and highly acclaimed crime series i “Murderous fervor” based on one of the most shocking crimes in the USSR – the “Strangler Vitebski” case, as well as two adaptations of Agatha Christie’s prose – “Prosecution witness” and “There was no one left”, each with an excellent cast – we will see, among others: Toby Jones, Kim Cattrall, Charles Dance, Sam Neil, Miranda Richardson, Aidan Turner. There will also be a Turkish hit “Mehmed the Conqueror”, with the biggest star of Turkish cinema, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu. Autumn on TVP VOD also means premieres of cinema novelties. Among them, it is addressed to young viewers “Republic of Children” Jan Jakub Kolski is a fairy-tale journey in which the heroes of Malczewski’s paintings escape to the present day, “Geniuses” a story about the life of an outstanding Polish mathematician of Jewish origin, Stanisław Ulam, or a drama film appreciated at festivals “Last Komers” with Sandra Drzymalska. TVP VOD also invites you to two war dramas: “Oddity” Anna Kazejak, a recognized director of the young generation, evoking the subject of the Holocaust in a new, original way, “Hitler’s Aunt” about ordinary people in extraordinary times and “Master” with Piotr Głowacki, about the legendary boxer Tadeusz Pietrzykowski. The documents include, among others showered with prizes, poignant “We have a long day tomorrow”, “Walk with angels”, and “Elven Tower”, “Independence Cruise”, “Daughters of Coal” and “Ina Benita. Two Lives, Interrupted Journey”.

Among foreign productions it is worth mentioning, among others a touching melodrama “Love in the neighborhood” with Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan, an intriguing psychological thriller “Inversion”, a touching comedy-drama “Goodbye fools”, exciting “Debt Collector”, “eXistenZ”, “Fur”, “Horse Stories”, “Talea”, “Who Killed Aunt Cookie?”, “Arima”, “Looking at the Sunset”, and legendary productions from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – “Bride of the Monster”, “Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon”, “Sherlock Holmes – The Woman in Green”, “Scarlet Street”, “Fear and Desire”, “Charade”, “Madness”, “Gold-Handed”, “And then there was no no one anymore “,” Girl Friday “,” Tenant “. There will be iconic items with Charlie Chaplin – “Charlie a soldier”, “Pilgrim”or documents “Elvis Story”, “Beatles-Explosion”, “Crossroads”, “Footprints in the Snow”, “Omsch”, “Roaring Abyss” and “New Voices – Old Flower”.
In autumn, TVP VOD will also feature a collection of unique cinema classics, a series “Weekend Stories” (Hidden Treasures, Soul Singing, Delay Line, Unwritten Laws, Female Interest, Low Faith, Fornication Charm, Last Circle), cycle “Great things” (System, Game, Network), in which each episode is devoted to a different fetish of modern civilization, and other excellent titles – the cult “Sauna”, crime drama “Inferno”outstanding “Time of betrayal”, and “Santa Claus Night”, “Summoning”, “Golden Fleece”, “Young Wolves”, “Krok”, “Letter” and “I will rent a room”.

Autumn on TVP VOD is a continuation of TVP’s favorite series, whose pre-premiere episodes will be released, as usual, before being broadcast on television. On you can already watch episodes, including: “War girlfriends”, “For good and for bad”, “Father Mateusz”, “Leśniczówki”, “M jak miłość”, “On signal”, “Commissioner Alex”, “Colors of happiness”and in the last days of August, premiere episodes “Clan” and a new series based on facts “Depot”.

In autumn, before the premiere on the air, viewers will also see another new series on TVP VOD – “Dom pod Dwoma Orłem” directed by Waldemar Krzystek with Małgorzata Zajączkowska, Karolina Gruszka or Andrzej Seweryn, focused around the fate of Poles, Germans and Ukrainians whose paths cross in an old, post-German villa in Wrocław.

Among the international sequels of the series, Turkish productions that are hugely popular will reappear: “Elif”, “The Oath”, “A Glimmer of Hope” and wonderfully received Russian “Cossack love”.

In autumn, TVP VOD will also feature premieres of Television Theater performances, documentary series, continuation of popular entertainment programs and game shows, including: “The Voice of Poland”, “Kabaret. Super Show Dwójki”, “Wheels of Fortune”, “Va Banque”, “Jaka to melodia?”, “Familiady”, “Bet on a million”as well as a new dance show “You Can Dance – New Generation”.

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