TWD: The Glenn story was Norman Reedus’s idea

The eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead has not forgotten Glenn (Steven Yeun). “Acheron: Part I”Saw a confrontation between Maggie (Lauren Cohan) e Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) when the latter told her he wasn’t going to shoot him down like a dog “like Glenn was”. In “Hunted“, The sight of Negan’s crowbar dripping blood conjured up images of Glenn’s death at the end of Negan’s“ vampire bat ”, Lucille. And in the Sunday premiere of the last eight episodes, entitled “Lockdown“, The last mention of Glenn took place during a scene between Maggie And Daryl (Norman Reedus).

Warning: This story contains spoilers about The Walking Dead’s “Lockdown” mid-season premiere.

While he was on the run from Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) and Commonwealth soldiers, Maggie she apologized to Daryl for having to kill former flame Leah (Lynn Collins) to save her life in the mid-season finale “Acts of God“Of April. “Glenn would have liked me to take care of you,” she said Daryl to Maggie. “You never have to apologize. Not to me “.

At Talking Dead, episode director Greg Nicotero revealed that Daryl named Glenn at the time it was Reedus’ idea.

“She had just been a spy, she shot my ‘girlfriend’ and now these people are hunting us. But that scene got a little bit changed, ”Reedus said. “I brought up the topic: ‘We haven’t talked about it. We should say something. ‘ The Glenn story was, I think, my idea ”.

Maggie And Daryl they are “so close to each other, and they don’t have to apologize or give explanations,” he continued Reedus. “I thought it was important to let her know: ‘I have your back, you have my back'”.

In an exclusive interview with ComicBookthe Cohan characterized the dynamics of Maggie And Daryl – dating back to the Greene family farm in Season 2 – as “like brother and sister”.

“I can’t imagine if the situation was reversed for Maggie and there was someone [che Maggie amava che cercava di uccidere Daryl]. I can’t imagine her hesitating to save him because they went through it all together, ”Cohan said. “It’s a family in the deepest sense of the word, really. So it’s heartbreaking that he has to shoot at [Leah]but there is also an element: he let it go first [in ‘No Other Way’] and it went badly ”.

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