Twelve Killed in Thousand Oak Bar Attack

It should be a happy evening at a bar in California. But then a man shot and killed twelve people. Even the shooter is dead. Eyewitnesses described dramatic scenes.

In Southern California, one man killed and injured 12 others, Sheriff Geoff Dean said. At least thirty shots were fired at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, police said. “It’s a terrible scenery in there,” Dean said.

One of the dead is a police officer who hastened to the scene and was shot when entering the bar. He died later in the hospital, according to the sheriff.

The shooter was found dead as well. Dean could not tell at first how he died. According to police, it is a 28-year-old former soldier. The man named Ian David Long is known to the police for “minor incidents” in the past, Dean later said. These included a car accident and a complaint about disturbing the peace, for which he was visited by the police last April. Unclear so far the motive for the attack in the bar.

Eyewitnesses told broadcasters that the attacker was tall and dressed in black. He had worn a hood over his head, his face half-hidden. At first he shot at a person at the entrance, later he threw smoke bombs and apparently fired indiscriminately at the people inside the bar.

In the restaurant a “College Country Night” took place. According to witnesses, hundreds of people were on the borderline at the time of the crime. According to the website of the bar, there are also concerts and dance classes, and billiard tables can also be seen on photos.

Nick Steinwender, president of the student council at nearby California Lutheran University, hurried to the scene when he heard about the shooting because of friends and classmates in the bar. “It was chaos, people jumped out of windows, people jumped over gates to get out,” Steinwender told broadcaster KABC. He’d heard from people in the bar that they were hiding in the bathroom and in the attic.

US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he had been fully informed about the “terrible” event. He praised the police for their “great courage” and wished the sacrifices and their families God’s blessing.

Thousand Oaks is a quiet and affluent suburb about 60 kilometers north of Los Angeles. About 100,000 people live here. There are many colleges in the area.

Just two weeks ago, an armed man killed eleven people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. According to a recent study, US citizens own 40 percent of private firearms worldwide, even though they make up only four percent of the world’s population. Of the world’s 857 million privately owned firearms, there are 393 million in the United States.

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