Twelve-year-old student takes her own life, the tragedy last Friday

Inexplicable, shocking. There are no other ways to define the terrible tragedy that a community of Conegliano is experiencing in these hours, in shock due to the tragic death of a twelve-year-old girl who last Friday ended her young life by committing suicide in the garden of the house. where he lived. The little girl, of Albanian origins, moved to Italy for only two months and she did not know Italian: she was part of a family of well-integrated and well-liked foreign workers who have found work and respect in our country.

The episode left the parents, relatives and classmates who had spent the first five days of school with her in deep sorrow. The news then spread, generating strong emotion among the citizens, including the mayor of the Treviso municipality in which the episode took place. It is impossible for now to clarify how the decision to end it is matured by the girl who has always appeared to everyone as carefree and smiling, as evident in the photos on the social networks of her parents. For now, bullying is excluded among the possible causes that could have prompted the very young girl to make the extreme gesture but investigations are underway to investigate every aspect.

On Friday afternoon the parents discovered the lifeless daughter in the garden, and unfortunately the intervention by the Suem 118 doctor and nurses was of no use, who could not help but ascertain her death. Her heart had stopped beating now. A patrol of the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Conegliano arrived at the site of the tragedy: the military carried out the necessary investigations. The Treviso Public Prosecutor’s Office was also informed of the incident.

For those who need psychological support and help, the following telephone numbers are available: Telefono Amico di Treviso 800367577, Telefono Azzurro 19696, Progetto InOltre della Regione Veneto 800334343 and De Leo Fund 800168768

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