Twins who served in Afghanistan guard CR7

It is not yet known who was Cristiano Ronaldo’s employee who crashed a Bugatti Veyron, the player’s luxury car, valued at more than R$ 10 million, against the wall of a residence in Mallorca, Spain. The player spends a vacation in the city, and has agreed to bear the costs of the damage caused.

Two of the ace’s employees are relatively well-known. Since returning to England to play for Manchester United last year, the Portuguese ace has been closely followed by two ex-soldiers of Portugal’s special forces: Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro. Both are seen with the athlete, however, since 2018.

They are twins—there is a third brother, Alexandre, who is still a soldier. Sergio and Jorge are 36 years old, and they served in an elite unit in Afghanistan. The two were chosen by CR7, mainly, for their discretion.

“They dress elegantly and look very normal. They are able to blend in with the crowd, but they are quick to think, see and act at the right moment,” a person close to the player’s family told the Portuguese press.

Their trajectory in the military area started early. Soon after finishing their studies, they joined the ‘Comandos’, a kind of elite troop created by Portugal in Angola, a former Portuguese colony, in 1962.

A former military chief described them to the Correio da Manhã newspaper as ‘strong mentally and physically’. Their mother also spoke to the same newspaper in 2004. “They only come home every fortnight to do their laundry,” she said at the time.

After leaving the special forces, they went to a police unit in Portugal that protects politicians and judges. It was from there that they were hired by Cristiano Ronaldo.

At the end of last year, the newspaper Observador, reported that the ex-soldiers were being investigated for working illegally on Portuguese soil. The Public Ministry opened an investigation into the case. The two could not do private security in the country without having a license for the function and before formally requesting a license from the corporation for which they served.

A punishment could affect even Cristiano Ronaldo, since the exercise of private security activities without licensing constitutes a crime even for those who hire the service.

Meanwhile, CR7 goes on vacation accompanied by his fiancee Georgina Rodríguez and their children, in addition, possibly, the two security twins.

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