Twisted Metal Reboot with a new developer. Sony resigns from the creators of Destruction All-Stars

Sony wants a big comeback for the Twisted Metal brand. The corporation is not only working on the series, but is also going to create a full reboot. According to the latest report, the game is no longer being developed by the developers of Destruction All-Stars.

The Twisted Metal brand will be expanded with a series with the Marvel Cinematic Universe star in the lead role, but last year we also received the first leaks about the game – the VGC editors were informed that Lucid Games is to work on a full reboot. David Jaffe reacted badly to the news, mentioning that he knows “where the bodies are buried”.

Now, however, journalists from the UK have received a second message – although work on the position was initiated by the developers responsible for Destruction All-Stars, Sony decided to quit the studio.

Twisted Metal, however, is to receive a new position – this one will be developed by one of the PlayStation Studios teams from Europe.

“Sources did not provide an explanation for the developer change. One person, however, suggested that Lucid’s poor reception of Destruction All-Stars on PS5 may have contributed to this decision.

Currently, we do not know who exactly is working on the project, but we can assume that Sony wants to ensure the highest quality – after all, it will be a big proposal related to the series project, which is to attract players to the brand.

It is currently difficult to say when Twisted Metal Reboot will be revealed, but the series is allegedly hitting viewers in 2023.


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