Twisted Metal taken over by the new Sony studio. The company hired the director of the Motorstorm series and creator of Driveclub

We didn’t have to wait long to get more details on the still unannounced Twisted Metal. Sony was to give the production to one of the PlayStation Studios teams, which Matt Southern recently joined.

Earlier this week, the VGC editors mentioned the change of developer for Twisted Metal. The game was picked up from Lucid Games (the creators of Destruction All-Stars), but so far we did not know what team was under its wing for a production developed with PS5 in mind.

Today Andy Robinson posted a new message as he received more specifics about the game. Firesprite, a young PlayStation acquisition, is to work on a full reboot of racing.

The situation is very interesting, however, because Lucid Games and Firesprite are close to each other – the two studios are only 15 minutes away, and apparently some of the first team joins the PlayStation Studios team.

One of the newcomers to Firesprite is Matt Southern – the director of Motorstorm games and the main creator of Driveclub. The developer handled the secret title in Lucid Games and is now set to take Firesprite’s director’s seat again.

However, we cannot yet confirm that Matt Southern has been acquired by Firesprite to cover Twisted Metal.

Firesprite is one of the latest PlayStation acquisitions – the company was acquired in September and at that time it was a large (over 250 developers) studio. The company was still recruiting and even acquired an additional team to expand its game development capabilities.


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