Twitter, Musk’s new offer

New episode in the soap opera around Twitter, the social network founded by Jack Dorsey. The founder of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, in fact, according to reports from the ‘Washington Post’ which cites sources close to the dossier, has presented a new offer at the price of 54.20 dollars per share, the price agreed initially, to two weeks into the trial scheduled for October 17. Musk, in fact, had pledged to take over the social network before changing his decision. Now the billionaire seems to have changed his decision once again.

Musk sent out his new proposal in a letter overnight and Twitter is considering whether to accept the proposal, a source close to the file explained. In the letter, Musk says he is ready to close the acquisition agreement and to put an end to all disputes. “Twitter is evaluating the proposal and will not act for at least another day, according to one of the sources” close to the dossier. On the part of Twitter, in fact, they are wondering if the letter represents a legal maneuver.

The offer comes after months of legal wrangling between the billionaire and the social media company following Musk’s decision in July that he had decided to cancel his April offer of $ 44 billion.

“We received the letter from Elon Musk” with the new proposal of $ 54.20 per share “which he filed with the Sec. The company’s intention is to close the transaction at $ 54.20 per share,” he said. Twitter in a note.

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