Two men have been arrested for dumping human remains in Guaymas

Two people leaving a cooler with alleged human remains in the vicinity of the San Carlos Bridge in the municipality of Guaymas, Sonora they were caught by the local authorities,

The incident is of April 6, when A cooler with human remains and a piece of cardboard In which alleged members of organized crime threatened local officials located on the bridge.

The arrests were made in the Yaqui town of Wickham. Wherein, thanks to a coordinated operation between the Municipal Police of Guaymas and members of the Mexican Army, two alleged perpetrators of drug trafficking were apprehended.

According to information received from the local police force, the detainees have been identified as Rodrigo “N”36 years old and known as “El10” or “Tukan”, and Frances “Ann”34 years old, nicknamed “El 22” and an active member of the local guard of the Yaqui tribe.

Both the men were brought before the court public ministry of Nuevo Guayamas to determine their responsibilities in the Criminal Act.

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