Two people died, the road pirate was not punished. He is the son of a politician

  • On Monday, January 10, another hearing was to be held in connection with the fatal accident of the car driven by Jędrzej O. It turned out, however, that the man had been in a psychiatric hospital for a week. The case was adjourned
  • The accident in which two people died took place in July 2019 near Poznań. Since then, Jędrzej O. has avoided criminal liability
  • A year ago, despite the prosecutor’s ban, he got behind the wheel. In September 2021, speeding over 180 km per hour did not stop at the roadside check
  • Jędrzej O. is the son of a famous local businessman and politician. The journalistic investigation of “Gazeta Wyborcza” also shows that Jędrzej O.’s mother, a nurse, offered her son to arrange “good papers”
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An off-road Volkswagen driven by 20-year-old Jędrzej O. fell into a ditch. The accident happened in July 2019 in the village of Ryżyn, 70 km from Poznań. The car overturned, hit a tree and caught fire.

Two people died on the spot. The third passenger was seriously injured. The driver of the car, the son of a famous local businessman and politician, was also injured. Initially, due to numerous injuries to his body, police officers were unable to perform a breathalyzer test.

Mysterious result of testing the presence of alcohol in the body

Jędrzej O. was tested for the presence of alcohol in the body only 3.5 hours. after an accident at the hospital in Międzychód. The study showed 0.3 per mille. This is what the court in Szamotuły wanted to address during the Monday hearing. According to the testimonies of policemen and paramedics, Jędrzej O., shortly after the accident, assured them that he was driving a car after drinking seven beers.

The prosecutor’s office is still unable to explain it today. And as the investigative journalist Piotr Żytnicki writes in “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the prosecutor’s office “only suspects that the result (tests for the presence of alcohol in the body ed.) was adulterated by infusing the suspect with large amounts of fluids. The circumstances of the blood donation are also unclear. “

It turns out, however, that these are not the only doubts that arise in this case. Journalists were not able to finally establish why Jędrzej O. was not detained immediately after the accident.

The prosecutor, Piotr Wochelski from Szamotuły, did not demand the arrest of the driver. He only issued a driving ban. And this ban finally broke Jędrzej O..

He ran away from the police, speeding 188 km per hour.

In September last year, despite the ban, the man was driving a car. Driving through Gostyń, he did not stop at the roadside check. There was a chase. Jędrzej O. sped at a speed of over 180 km per hour.

The man was also supposed to appear at the police station as part of the supervision, which he also did not do. In this situation, a year ago, prosecutor Wochelski decided that Jędrzej O. should be arrested. However, this did not happen. This time the court did not agree.

The whole thing has another bottom. As reported by “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the father of Jędrzej O. is an influential politician and businessman (sympathizes with the mayor of Wronki, Mirosław Wieczor, in the past associated with the Civic Platform). In turn, the mother of Jędrzej O. is a nurse.

“Dobre papers” and “powdering the topic”

According to the findings of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the man’s mother proposed to “arrange” good papers “, which would be helped by people from the medical community. She explained that it was about” covering the topic “, but then her son did not take advantage of the offer.

On January 10, when the court hearing in connection with the fatal accident of 2019 was to take place, Jędrzej O.’s lawyer told the court that his client had been in a psychiatric hospital for a week. At the request of the defense, the court adjourned the case and ordered Jędrzeja. O. will examine two expert psychiatrists who will determine whether the man can participate in subsequent hearings.


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Sources: “Gazeta Wyborcza”


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