two posters for Martin Scorsese’s western starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Waiting for the release of Killers of the Flower MoonMartin Scorsese’s film features Leonardo DiCaprio in two new posters.

We saw the incredible Killers of the Flower Moon, and unsurprisingly, Martin Scorsese has signed a new masterpiece. And the terrible true story is not even out yet that we are already impatiently awaiting the director’s next project, a sign of the enthusiasm caused by his works. It may be a second film dedicated to Jesus, 35 years after the highly controversial The Last Temptation of Christ.

A feature film that would logically fit into the filmography of the Catholic filmmaker, obsessed with the theme of faith, as in Kundun, or more recently, Silence. But in the immediate future, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio will make their return with The Wager, a pirate film, according to author David Grann. Anyway, impatience for Killers of the Flower Moon only grows. And fortunately, two new posters of the film came to satisfy our curiosity.

Killers of the Flower Moon: PhotoLily Gladstone’s performance caused a stir at Cannes

There will be blood

These posters confirm Apple Studios’ groundbreaking distribution plan. Killers of the Flower Moon was only to have the right to a limited release in a few theaters in the United States and in certain countries internationally, before being available very quickly on the TV+ streaming service. Finally, the group announced on August 29 that Scorsese’s film would be the subject of a broadcast on October 20 on North American soil, and that we would have to wait several weeks to see it on its platform.

It is the Paramount studio which is in charge of this distribution strategy. A great first for Apple Studios, which had never organized such an ambitious release for one of its productions. But it may become the norm in the years to come for the apple brand, since the Napoleon by Ridley Scott will normally follow the same pattern in November.

Killers of the Flower Moon: French PosterThis is the third collaboration between DiCaprio & De Niro

As a reminder, the film takes place in the 1920s. In Oklahoma, many members of the tribe Osage, made rich from oil, are targeted by a series of murders violent. An investigation is carried out to try to solve this succession of crimes called “the reign of terror”. This tragedy is symptomatic of the end of the conquest of the West, of the cost of the birth of the American nation, and explains the serious repercussions that these murders still have today on the lives of Native Americans.

To summon these themes via characters, Martin Scorsese and Eric Roth centered the narrative on the love story between Ernest Burkhart (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Mollie Burkhart (Lily Gladstone). The members of Mollie’s family will all be victims, in turn, of this reign of terror. Ernest’s uncle, the very rich cowherd William Hale (Robert de Niro), is one of the suspects… To learn the truth about this sad affair, we will have to wait October 18, 2023, the French release date of Killers of the Flower Moon.

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