Two Russian citizens land in Alaska (from Russia) to escape the mobilization of Putin-


They arrived with a small boat on a beach near Gambell, a town on the island of San Lorenzo, 80 kilometers from the Russian mainland.

Two Russian citizens landed on a remote Alaska island to escape Putin’s mobilization (which involves the recall of 300,000 men with military and combat experience) and seek asylum in the United States.

They report it, reports theAbc, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, Republican Senators from Alaska. According to Murkowski and Sullivan, the two Russians arrived in a small boat on a beach near Gambella town on the island of San Lorenzo, 80 kilometers from the Russian mainland.

“Their arrival took us by surprise,” admitted the governor of Alaska. Mike Dunleavy. “However, we do not expect a continuous flow.”

However, Senator Dan Sullivan does not rule out new arrivals: the federal authorities “should have a plan ready in case other Russians decide to cross the Bering Strait and arrive in Alaska ». The incident “clearly shows two things: the first is that the Russians do not want to fight Putin’s war against Ukraine. The second is that, given its proximity to Russia, Alaska plays a crucial role in the national security of the United States, ”concluded Sullivan. This is echoed by Senator Lisa Murkowski, according to whom the incident highlights the “need for greater security in the American Arctic”.

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October 7, 2022 (change October 7, 2022 | 10:20)

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