Two-year suspended prison sentence for sending his excrement by parcel to Leonardo DiCaprio

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The 49-year-old, who suffers from a mental disorder, had also sent his smelly packages to actor Jared Leto

Being a postman is a risky job. A man was given a two-year suspended prison sentence in Australia on Wednesday for posting his feces and urine to Hollywood actors Leonardo Di Caprio and Jared Leto.

49-year-old Veronica Gray sent several parcels from an Australian post office containing her excrement and urine. He was unmasked when one of the packages broke and spilled onto a post office worker.

Actions that disrupted the operations of the Post Office

Born in the Philippines, Veronica Gray had sent a total of twenty postal bags presented to recipients as “Valentine’s sweets”, according to the Australian channel ABC.

A psychiatric report released to the court indicated that the defendant suffered from a mental disorder, local media reported. His lawyer said he did not wish to harass the actors, but rather wanted to share his “passion for the environment”. Magistrate Deen Potter, ABC reported, deplored Veronica Grey’s actions, which he said severely disrupted Post Office operations.

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