Tyler Hilton on Why People Still Love One Tree Hill!

You are likely to recognize Tyler Hilton for his music or for playing Chris Keller in the drama series One Tree Hillwhich aired for nine seasons from 2003 to 2012 on The WB and then on The CW.

You may also know him from the Christmas movies he’s made, including some Lifetime ones with the stars of OTH (Christmas on the Bayou, The Christmas Contract and A Christmas Wish) and this year When Christmas Was Young on CBS.

Tyler Hilton explains to TV Insider why he thinks people still love One Tree Hill and what he likes to make of these Christmas movies (especially with Hilarie Burton Morgan).

Tyler Hilton on Why People Still Love One Tree Hill!

You’ve done some Christmas movies. What do you like most about these films?

Tyler Hilton: I love watching Christmas movies and honestly they are among my favorite movies. I don’t know if all actors feel this way, but I don’t consider myself an actor either. I feel like a musician who is lucky enough to end up on screen. Every time I do that, he’s kind of new to me and a lot of fun. If I could make a Christmas movie every year, I would. I love it. I know people who fear it or do it just to stay afloat or whatever. I love the textures. I literally get chills every time towards the end, makes me want to cry every time. I get carried away.

Also, Christmas is the time when it seems to me that everyone watches a lot of these movies: there are movies you watch alone and others you watch with friends, and Christmas is a time when everyone is in the living room, some on the floor, others lying on the couch, and everyone is watching a movie and Christmas movies are perfect for that. It’s like being part of everyone else’s Christmas vacation, participating in a Christmas movie that you all watch together. And I like that [Quando il Natale era giovane] aired so close to Christmas. He is not one of those who “arrive on November 2”. [Ride] People will already be in the holiday spirit. The family will probably have already flown in, and that sort of thing. It really seems like something people [possano] share as a group.

You’ve met his One Tree Hill colleagues in the past in Christmas movies, but not in When Christmas Was Young.

No, there was nobody in this movie. It is true. [Ride] Yeah, I think every other Christmas movie I’ve done has someone from One Tree Hill, which is very funny.

When is the next on-screen hangout?

I don’t think there is anything planned. There’s always something random going on, but if I could do another Christmas movie with Hilarie, I would love to. We always have a great time and I think I’ve worked with her more than any other actor in my career. Somehow we worked on, like, two or three Christmas movies, One Tree Hill, we did the Extant series together which her husband was also in [Jeffrey Dean Morgan]. It was us and Halle Berry. And I also did something else with her. But I’ve worked with her a lot and I like her. She strikes me as the type of girl that I’d like to do 10 or 20 Christmas movies together by the end of our lives or something, just to have a lot of them together. But I love it. It’s really funny.

We always like the Christmas movies you two made together.

Oh, that’s great. Our families are all so close and it ends up being one big party.

People continue to watch One Tree Hill and find out thanks to streaming, these reunions in movies and also the podcast Drama Queens [con Hilarie Burton Morgan, Sophia Bush e Bethany Joy Lenz]. In your opinion, what is so important about the fact that the series is still liked and that people who have never seen it before are watching it now?

Of all the things we’ve done aside from One Tree Hill, nothing has stuck around and had such longevity with people as this show. People watch it over and over and over. The writing is amazing, the actors are all so good and real. We love each other very much and when we were doing that show we were the most important people to each other.

It’s just college age – when you’re a kid, it’s your parents, when you’re a little older, it’s your spouse or your kids, but when you’re in your late teens, early 20s, your friends are the ones that matter the most and matter more than whoever you’re dating and stuff like that. We all met during that time.

The show ran for nine years, so we were very close throughout the process. Then, thanks to the conventions and the various things that keep happening and all the press we’ve done together during the show, we always see each other. And amazingly it wasn’t a recipe for making anyone hate themselves. We all still love each other very much and it has led to other things. Like I said, I worked with Hilarie’s husband for some time on a show and Hilarie and my wife [Megan Park] I think they’re even better friends than Hilarie and I are now. So it’s things like that, that keep flourishing and we keep getting back together.

They got me on the Drama Queens podcast and then they did Drama Queens Live and I went out and did some songs and played with them on Drama Queens Live. Then we did another convention. I seem to see these people all the time and feel so lucky. I have no idea why this happens to us, but it’s so cool. It really is.

Where can we see you next? Are there any other film or television roles on the way?

No I do not think so. My wife is a director and writer and has a movie coming out called My Old Ass with Aubrey Plaza, which I’m writing the soundtrack for. So that’s my goal for the next few months, and then I don’t know, maybe I’ll make another record or go on tour, but that’s it right now.

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