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The fury of Iron Mike strikes again on the TV series inspired by his life arriving on the 25th of August on the US streaming platform Hulu. Ever since the release was announced in February 2021, Mike Tyson has spoken out against this eight-part biopic, starring Trevante Rhodes as the boxer – whose story is told from adolescence to ring triumphs and scandals – and starring Harvey Keytel. Directed and written by Craig Gillespie and Steven Rogers, who have already brought to cinema (and three Oscar nominations) the violent and tragic life of ice skater Tonya Harding in the 2017 film with Margot Robbie I, Tonya.

Tyson’s wrath manifested via social media on Saturday when the former world heavyweight champion, now 56, posted two fire messages on his Instagram: in the first post he praised his “brother” Dana White, president of charge of the first mixed martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship, as it would have rejected the millions that “perpetually” Hulu would have offered Dana and potentially the UFC to promote fiction: White refused because it “honors friendship and treats people with dignity” , wrote Tyson also denouncing that Hulu did not offer the boxer a dollar: they stole my story, they act like slave masters. Then, shortly after, in a second post, Tyson reiterated everything, using even more direct and stronger words: “Don’t be fooled by Hulu. I don’t approve of their story about my life. We are not in 1822. We are in 2022. Me. they stole my life story and didn’t pay me. To Hulu executives, I’m just a n *** or they can sell at auction. ”

After Mike got the green light from Hulu, Tyson signed on as an executive producer on his own life series, starring Jamie Foxx; but the production didn’t find a network, and got stuck.

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