U.S. to reinforce security at the Super Bowl, Shakira and J-Lo, after threats from Iran


Colombian singer Shakira (PHOTO: Playback)

With the Super Bowl coming to the stadium to Hard Rock in Miami, and in less than a month, and the safety and security of the event will be further bolstered by the local authorities. The turbulence was intense between the United States and the islamic republic of Iran, the mayor of the county, he stated that the area will be well-prepared to protect the thousands of people who are going to attend the sporting event.

I can tell you that we are well prepared with security measures in here, in the county of Miami-Dade county for the Super Bowlthen, “ said the mayor of Miami-Dade county, Carlos Gimenez. And it’s not just a great game in which you need protection. In South Beach, a number of major events related to the Super Bowl will take place the week before.

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Our agency has been working closely with partners in local, state, and federal government agencies, to monitor the activities that are going on in the outsideit, “ said a spokesman for the Police Department in Miami Beach, according to Ernesto Rodriguez.

Greg Terp, a former police officer, has played a major role in the security at the Super Bowl in 2010, held in Miami, fl. It is now a part of the Host Committee for the Super Bowl the year 2020. “Since 2010, the level of threat has increased, including cyber-threats, power, but all of these things are being parsed”, he said Terp.

The crowd was informed that the authorities
local and state officials know they are not alone. The staff of the federal security
you will be throughout the weekend at the south Florida Super Bowl.

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An e-newsletter of the routine, the FBI sent to local law enforcement agencies, said: “The FBI is aware of the possibility of continuing that action for retaliation may be taken against the United States and its interests abroad. Although there is no specific threat or credible to the country at the moment, we are urging the public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police. As always, we will work with our partners in the intelligence and law enforcement agencies to collect, share and act on information about emerging threats. ”

The valley lembar in this year’s event will feature the stars of latina, Shakira and J-Lo, as all the artists who will be performing in the interval of the event.

Recently, an influential profile of iran, which publishes news stories, and military policies relating to the arab country, scared off many visitors, with a tweet, where would a ticket to “Waiting for Tonight” by Jennifer Lopez. The supposed joke, it was considered in bad taste by many of the users of social networking sites.

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