Ubisoft Has Found a Way to Kill Sites That Sell Illegal Keys

Ubisoft Has Found a Way to Kill Sites That Sell Illegal Keys

Ubisoft has found a way to kill sites that sell illegal game keys, while still guaranteeing sales in multiple stores.

Ubisoft seems to have found a way to kill illegal key sellers while continuing to sell its games through third-party stores like Fanatical and Game Republic. Such as? Through the so-called ‘silent key activation’, which allows you to activate games on Uplay without the store chosen by the user needing keys to give to its customers. From now on Ubisoft will only sell in stores that will implement silent key activation and no longer provide keys to stores.

Essentially now by purchasing a game from the sites listed, at checkout, you will be asked to provide a Uplay account. If you do not have one, you will be asked to register it. Once the purchase is completed, the game will be automatically added to the account indicated. In short, not even the customer will have access to the key and every purchase will be made as if it were done directly on Uplay, with the chosen store obviously taking its share. 

Note that this is a system similar to that already tested by Steam with the Humble Bundle. In this case, however, Ubisoft will apply it only to its titles, so it should work much better.

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