Ubisoft’s NFT in Breakpoint – a flood of negative opinions

Yesterday we wrote about the premiere and the introduction to the game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint platforms Ubisoft Quartz, offering certificates of authenticity for items purchased in games by a French developer (a step towards the popularization of NFT tokens in games). The players reacted relatively cool to this idea. The platform’s trailer posted on the official North American Ubisoft channel can boast of ?? 855 paws up, with the number of paws down being ?? over 17 thousand., which accounts for as much as 95% of all reactions.

You don’t even have to see the feet down anymore, can you FEEL them ?? comment from TheSnoozeFox user.

EA probably at this point: Save it! Write it down! ?? Comment NeoTrggrTheGammer.

Although the preview of the paw down counter was recently disabled by YouTube authorities, it can be restored, among other things, by by installing an appropriate browser extension.

Years behind Steam trading cards and cosmetic items from Team Fortress 2, and still worse in concept, design and workmanship. Well done Ubisoft for continuing its pursuit of trends ?? comment by Gunner Bills.

If you’ve read any of Clancy’s books, do you know that old Tom is now turning over in his grave so badly that he has probably dug into the core of the Earth? Comment by Dr. DankBot.

People who constantly follow the industry know that this is not an isolated case, but existing for what? time trend. A similar fate befell harbinger announced in July Tom Clancy’s XDefiant and trailer battle royale games Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Frontline. Players accused both Ubisoft titles, incl. excessive following of fashion, while losing the uniqueness of your brands.

Additionally, Ubisoft Quartz is to be introduced to the game Ghost Recon: Breakpointwhich recently got a huge expansion called Operation Motherland. It met with a really warm reception from the players. Thanks to him and the constant development of the title, it is now in a much better condition than on the day of its premiere (our reviewer gave a 5/10 note then). One of the frequently pointed out shortcomings were invasive micropayments (although turned off during the premiere) and the forcefully implemented elements of the looter shooter.

The introduction of the Ubisoft Quartz platform in this title may bring back memories of devoted fans Breakpoint just from this catastrophic premiere. So how will Ubisoft Quartz ultimately affect our perception of virtual items in the games of the French studio? We’ll see for sure in days ?? the launch of the platform is scheduled for December 9.

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