UEFA Champions League. Harry Maguire is the hero of the scandal. He partied after losing a match

Harry Maguire he was a hero of scandals more than once. Last year he was detained on the Greek island of Mykonos under the charge participation in a fight and an attack on a policeman. Later, together with his colleagues, he was to attempt to bribe the officers. Before that, he had amused himself in crowds of people on one of the streets, despite an official ban issued by the Greek government due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ultimately, the footballer spent two days in custody. He did not plead guilty to the alleged acts. And this despite the sentence in the court in Athens. Harry was sentenced to a penalty In prison, 21 months and 10 days, suspended for three years. The appeal by the athlete’s lawyers was accepted. The process started anew. The case is pending. It is said that the decision may have to wait even until 2023.

Less than 2 weeks ago, right after Manchester United’s defeat to Manchester City, Harry Maguire spoke publicly and apologized to the fans of “Red Devils” for the team’s attitude and the result.

Later it turned out that the United captain … went into town shortly after the game. He had a great time at his sister’s birthday party. Together with him, he also celebrated, among others Robbie Keane.

The fans did not like the fact that first the player complained to them and published an apology, and in a moment he was partying at the club. And maybe they would have quickly come to terms with this fact, if it were not for that history repeated itself.

Manchester lost another game, this time with Watford. The game ended with a 4-1 score for the hosts, a Maguire in the 69th minute of the duel earned a red cardwhich significantly weakened his team. After he left the field, Watford players scored two goals. Thanks to this, they sealed the victory.

It turned out that United’s player did not experience the bitterness of defeat for long and the fact that he had to leave the playground ahead of time. He went to another party. This time he was celebrating the birthday of another member of his family, Dad. He was betrayed on Instagram by his sister …

A storm broke out in the networkand its echoes can still be heard today. Especially since this is what it is On November 23, Manchester United will play against Villarreal as part of the Champions League. The footballer celebrates his birthday on the same day, and privately a good friend of Maguire, James Maddison. Harry made him wishes via Instagram. Who knows, maybe after the meeting he will go to a party with a friend from Leicester City …

A match in the group stage of the Champions League between Villarreal and Manchester United promises to be interesting. Both teams have the same number of points, so they will be even more anxious to win.

The match is scheduled to start at an hour 18.45. Transmission duel Villarreal CF – Manchester United in television on the Polsat Sport Premium channel 2 and on the Internet (online stream) on the Polsat Box Go platform. You can also follow the report on sport.interia.pl.


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