UEFA Champions League. Match highlights from November 24th

In eight matches on November 24, 23 goals were scored. The fans in Bruges saw the most, as many as five, but they were definitely not satisfied with it, because all of them were scored by the rival.

In the first match between these teams, the Parisians won 2-0, and Lionel Messi scored the premiere goal in the new club. On Wednesday, the team from the French capital also started better, because with Kylian Mbappe’s hit, but later only the hosts hit the net. Both teams are already sure of getting out of group A, “Citizens” secured their first place.

This happened thanks to the settlement in Bruges. The hosts suffered defeats with RB Leipzig until 0-5. The Belgians and Germany each therefore have four points, while the other team from Group A, PSG, eight.

The Reds are continuing their perfect Champions League performance this season. This time they defeated Porto, but it was to be expected, because they had never lost to this team in European cups in their history, and that was their 10th clash. By scoring 15 points, Liverpool broke their record in the group stage by one “eye”.

Milan scored the only goal of the late game, prolonging their hopes of leaving the group. All he has to do is beat Liverpool in the sixth round and hope for a favorable result in the match between Porto and Atletico. “Los Colchoneros” also have a chance of promotion.

The Dutch have a full set of points. Sébastien Haller again contributed significantly to their victory on Wednesday. The striker scored two goals, caught up with Robert Lewandowski at the top of the scorer’s classification and broke the Champions League record as he became the first player to score nine goals in his first five appearances.

The victory of the Portuguese means that everything is clear in Group C. Ajax won it, Sporting took second place and Borussia will play in the knockout stage in the spring, but the Europa League.

The hosts struggled a bit, but eventually achieved a two-goal win that qualified for the next phase of the Champions League.

“Royal” to some extent repaid for the sensational defeat in the first match, but Moldovans did not disappoint as a rookie in the Champions League and thanks to their good attitude they will play in the Europa League in the spring.


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