UGL Health. Nurses, OSS and Health Professions suspended because no-Vax must be reinstated. –

UGL Health. Nurses, OSS and Health Professions suspended because no-Vax must be reinstated. – – ​​National Health Newspaper
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“In wishing good work to the new Executive led by Giorgia Meloni and specifically to the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci there Uglready immediately to confront and make its own contribution to the reform of the NHS, asks for immediate action towards the health workers suspended for not having undergone the covid vaccination “declares the National Secretary Gianluca Giuliano.

“We had the opportunity to appreciate – continues the trade unionist – the position held by President Meloni when she was in the opposition during the Governments chaired by the Honorable Conte with Roberto Speranza at the helm of the Health Department. In the same way, we appreciated your speech, regarding health, during the vote of confidence in the Senate. We believe the time has come to give a clear signal and for this reason we ask the Government to legislate to proceed with the immediate reintegration into service of the many health workers, about 10,000, currently suspended for refusing vaccination. The NHS struggles and the lack of personnel is one of the causes of an increasingly violated right to health. Italy can no longer afford to give up the work of these professionals. We must not wait until midnight on December 31st, the date on which the vaccination obligation provided for by Decree-law number 24 of March 24, 2022 will expire. Taking a decision quickly to reintegrate them would be a signal of commitment to the relaunch of health and above all a clear gesture of reestablishment of personal freedoms denied in recent times in deference to the emergency ”- he concludes Julian. editorial staff

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