UK polls are ruthless for Johnson

Both were carried out after ITV released the content of an e-mail sent by Martin Reynolds, the prime minister’s private secretary, to more than 100 Downing Street employees on Monday night, urging them to take advantage of the good weather and come to a meeting for drinks in the garden. Prime Minister’s residence. It took place on May 20, 2020, when covid restrictions allowed meeting in the open air with a maximum of one person from outside your own household, while maintaining a two-meter distance. Johnson and his wife Carrie were to be among the 40 people who came. This is the most serious case so far in a series of alleged cases of violating covid restrictions on Downing Street that have been disclosed by the media for several weeks.

The weight of these allegations in the eyes of the British is shown by polls by YouGov and Savanta ComRes. In the YouGov survey, 56 percent expressed the opinion that Johnson should resign. respondents, and that it should remain there – 27 percent. The Savant ComRes poll was even worse for the head of government. In it, 66 percent were in favor of Johnson’s resignation. of those asked, against – 24 percent Significantly, the opinion that he should step down was also expressed by a large percentage of the voters of the Conservative Party of which Johnson is the leader. In the YouGov survey, it was 33 percent. (compared to 52 percent – that no), but according to Savant ComRes – 42 percent. (in the opinion of 45%, it does not have to yield).

Johnson had never spoken publicly on Tuesday, so he had yet to address the new allegations. Only his spokesman assured the prime minister that he had full confidence in Reynolds.

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