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Bologna, February 27, 2022 – New hacker attack claimed by the hacker collective Anonymous against a site from the Russian gas control networkas part of its offensive against Russia and in defense of theUkraine. This is the Russian Linux terminal Of Nogir, in northern Ossetia. “We have changed the data and raised it so much gas pressure to cause almost a fire“, we read in a tweet of the cyber pirates.” But this was not the case – it is added – due to the rapid action of a manager “.

The video of Anonymous against Putin

Anonymousthe well-known international collective of hackers and activists who sided in favor ofUkrainehas explained in a video of about two minutes broadcast on a social channel attributed to them, the reasons for the operation ‘OpRussia‘which targets the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. The video claims cyber attacks against the Russian propaganda network and many sites of the Moscow government. Yesterday, in fact, the hacker attack on websites such as that of the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense. “We have sent government sites offline – Anonymous said – and turned the information to Russian citizens so that they can be free from Putin’s censorship machine”.

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As activists, the collective states in the video that it will not remain inactive while Russian forces continue to kill innocent people trying to defend their homeland. The message is also addressed to all Russian soldiers who are asked to lay down their arms and withdraw from Ukraine, as “Putin’s crimes must not be their own”. As a collective Anonymous aims to help provide valid information to the Russian people about Putin’s “crazy” actions, while also trying to help the people of Ukraine by providing care packagestrying to
keep communication channels open and help obfuscate their communications from “prying eyes”.

The video ends with the collective claiming to support the Ukrainian people, the Russian people who oppose “the dictator Vladimir Putin” and all the people of the world who want to change the place we live in a better place. “Anonymous – continues the collective – respects the Russian people who demonstrate against their government. You are us and we are you! Anonymous respects the free fighters of Ukraine! You are us and we are you!”.

A member of the Ukrainian forces wears an Anonymous mask

A member of the Ukrainian forces wears an Anonymous mask

Social networks against Putin

Important decisions towards Russia were also made by the main social networks. Twitter blocked the ability to register new Russian accounts while Facebook And InstagramInstead, they have begun to identify, with specific reports, the profiles that are considered propaganda. Trying, for example, to consult the page of the Russian news agency Tass, a message appears that warns the user: “Multimedia contents controlled by the following countries: Russia”. Australia, on the other hand, has decided to suspend the broadcasts in its country of Russia Today, the all-news channel in Moscow. Finally, the Ukrainian Minister of Culture published a letter sent to Youtube asking for support for block fake news And propaganda of the Russian government.

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