Ukraine, China points the finger at the US and NATO: “They ignore their responsibilities”

Tension over the Ukrainian crisis remains high even if some progress has been made on the diplomacy front: in addition to the meeting scheduled for today in Antalya, Turkey, between Russian foreign ministers Lavrov and Ukrainian Kaleba, Kiev confirms that an agreement has been reached with Moscow to keep some “corridors” for the evacuation of civilians open for the whole day. But the novelty this morning is the position taken by the China which attributes the responsibility for the conflict to USA and to Born and criticizes the United States’ decision to shut down Russian oil and gas imports.

China against the US and NATO: “They ignore their responsibilities”

The Ukrainian issue is very clear, says the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijianon the recent New York Times reconstructions relating to Beijing’s knowledge of Russian plans against Ukraine, based on what US officials have learned: “It was the actions of the US-led NATO that gradually pushed up to the Russia- Ukraine”.

“Ignoring its own responsibilities, the US – he adds – instead accuses China of taking a position on the matter and seeking room for maneuver in an attempt to suppress China and Russia, to maintain its hegemony”. Then he continues: Beijing strongly opposes unilateral sanctions which have no basis in international law ”. “It will only cause serious difficulties for the economy and people and will aggravate divisions and confrontation.” “China and Russia – recalls Lijian – have always maintained good relations of energy cooperation and will continue to do so also on oil and gas fields, in mutual respect”.

Ukraine, what’s happening

And on the fighting front, the exchange of accusations continues. There Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) declares to have suffered almost 30 attacks in the last 24 hours, with a toll of 7 injured, while at least 10 people would have died in the Donbass in Severodonestk. And on the Ukrainian side, new victims and attacks are reported. The number of children killed in the attack between Monday and Tuesday has risen to 3 Sumywith an overall death toll of 22, explains the governor of the region, Dmytro Zhyvytskyy, on Telegram. And about 5,000 civilians were evacuated thanks to the humanitarian corridor opened in Sumy.

The clash was also intense on the economic level. In addition to Beijing’s criticism of anti-Russian sanctions, repercussions are recorded almost everywhere. According to the World Bank, many countries, such as Tunisia, still dependent on the import of wheat and corn, are penalized and the “poorest and most fragile” citizens will pay the costs. The ruble fell 7.8% against the dollar when the Moscow exchange market closed last Friday, while a bank like BNP Paribas declares that its exposure to Russia and Ukraine amounts to around 3 billion euros. , of which 1.3 billion in Russia and 1.7 in Ukraine. Heineken stops producing, advertising and selling beer in Russia, as well as L’Oreal announcing the closure of all stores and e-commerce sites in the country. And this, while Russia, announces the director of the Department for Economic Cooperation of the Moscow Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Birichevskyworks on a “rapid” and “considered” response to the sanctions imposed by the West, which will be felt in the most “sensitive areas for those to whom it is addressed”.

Draghi-Macron interview

And while in view of the informal European Council, scheduled for tomorrow and the day after in Paris, the premier Dragons has a telephone conversation with the French president Macron on the latest developments of the Ukrainian crisis and its consequences on the European economy, there are also serious repercussions in Italy, as the leader of Confindustria Bonomi denounces. Zanardi Fonderie is forced to suspend production due to energy increases and the lack of raw materials.

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