Ukraine. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov in an interview with Voice of America about a possible armed conflict with Russia and US support

We expect real support from the United States in the face of a serious threat of aggression from the Russian Federation, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in an interview with the Ukrainian section of Voice of America broadcasting station. The authorities in Kiev estimate that Russia has concentrated nearly 100,000 soldiers around their country’s border.


The head of the Ukrainian defense ministry stated that “the building of the Russian Kremlin has very high and thick walls, and the local authorities have long since stopped hearing the fears of (other countries) and gained resistance to sanctions”. Oleksiy Reznikov also said that “Russia will react only if the war proves to be too costly and unprofitable.”

Ukrainian defense minister: we expect real support

– Only decisive steps, including by the United States as a leading country in the world, can make (the Russian authorities) realize this, said Reznikov. This is how he answered the question of what Ukraine expects from the US, given the tense situation with Russia and the gathering of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border.

– We expect real support from the United States in the face of the serious threat of aggression from the Russian Federation. During nearly eight years of the war (in Donbas), we have grown accustomed to the international community still expressing its fears and concerns, but this has stopped working, added the Ukrainian Defense Minister, who met on Thursday in Washington with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

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Russian soldiers during the opening of the Zapad-2021 exercises in the Kaliningrad Oblast

Kiev expects more solidarity

Asked by Voice of America about how solidarity Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom are in their support for Ukraine and possible readiness to stand up for it, Reznikov replied. – I would like to see more of this solidarity, more determination. Who understands all the risks well? Baltic countries and Poland. These are our closest friends. In their time, these countries were also occupied by the Soviet Union.

The minister expressed the expectation that “the current wave of anxiety in Europe will entail an appropriate response, as the whole of Europe could suffer from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

Reznikov was also asked how serious the threat of Russian aggression is. In this context, he recalled that during “nearly eight years of aggression in Donbass, Ukrainians have gotten used to the existence of the threat”. He stressed that even in a difficult situation, “positives” should be sought. – The existing threat has attracted the attention of the civilized world, we have a chance to demonstrate to the aggressor that the price of his aggression will be too high for him – he said.

Russian bombers in the airspace of Belarus

Russian bombers in the airspace of Belarus Ministry of Defense of Russia

About one hundred thousand soldiers near the border

The authorities in Kiev estimate that around 100,000 soldiers have been deployed by Russia near the Ukrainian border. In early November, President Volodymyr Zelensky reported in a video that Western countries were providing Kiev with information about active movements of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border.

On Sunday, in an interview with the US Military Times website, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence services, Kyryło Budanov, expressed his assumption that Russia might attack Ukraine in late January / early February. According to him, the strike would most likely involve air raids, as well as artillery and armored attacks in the east of the country, and sea landings in Odessa and Mariupol. An incursion on a smaller scale would have occurred through Belarus.

Budanov recalled that during the large-scale Zapad-2021 military exercises in September, the Russians proved that they could simultaneously “blow up” over three thousand paratroopers and special operations soldiers in a given place.

The Ukrainian agency Unian recalled that in an earlier interview with the Washington Post, Reznikov said that “it is not yet clear whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has made any decision to attack Ukraine”., Unian,

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