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ìThe Draghi Government, with one of its latest acts, is preparing to dismiss the fifth inter-ministerial decree on the “transfer of military means, materials and equipment” to Ukraine. The classified contents of the provision were illustrated today – as in the other four previous times – by the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, at Copasir. The latter, President Adolfo Urso informs, found that the text adhered to “the indications and guidelines dictated by Parliament”.

Waiting for the new center-right executive, therefore, Italy’s military support in Kiev does not stop. On this point there is the agreement of the premier in pectore, Giorgia Meloniwho today in the course of a first phone call received thanks from Volodymyr Zelensky and an invitation “to go to Kiev as soon as possible”. While she confirmed her “full support for the cause of freedom of the Ukrainian people”.

Moscow did not take it well. “Arms supplies to Ukraine do not help solve the problem of expensive bills,” the Russian embassy in Rome wrote on social media, posting images of Italian anti-tank missiles and mortar bombs that ended up in the hands of Putin’s military . There is also an information war being fought and the Russian diplomatic representation in Italy is often at the forefront.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive in the east and south of the country requires massive supplies of war material and all the allies are proceeding with the shipment of arms, the United States in the lead, which has just announced further aid for 1.1 billion dollars: among the weapons that will be sent there are another 18 Himars, multiple rocket launchers with a range of up to seventy km, considered a ‘game changer’ for their effectiveness. Denmark has approved another aid package for 145 million euros and an agreement with Germany and Norway for the production of the Zuzana II artillery system.

There are no official data on Italian materials. The list is ‘covered’ and Copasir members are required to respect the secrecy: so far there has been talk of counter-tank missiles, Stinger air defense systems, mortars, heavy and light machine guns, artillery ammunition, tracks for troop transport, vehicles Mine armored lynx, communication systems, personal protective equipment, k rations. Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo, in an interview with the Press, yesterday stressed that “when the lists of the war material we are providing will be made public, it will be understood that our contribution to the Ukrainian defense is important”.

On 22 September Guerini was received in Kiev by President Volodymyr Zelensky and met with his colleague Oleksii Reznikov, who put the needs of the yellow and blue armed forces on the table. Precisely on the basis of these needs – and after a survey of the arsenals – the Defense General Staff has filled in the list of the fifth decree. But Italian support is not limited to equipment. In fact, targeted training activities are underway to make the use of weapons by Ukrainian personnel safer.

Urso too – present in the totoministri that is going crazy in recent days – has started relations with Kiev. Last Saturday he had a telephone interview with Andriy Yermak. Today the first direct contact Zelensky-Meloni, with the Ukrainian president who said he was “certain of being able to count on a fruitful collaboration with the next Italian government”.

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