Ukraine latest news. Long curfew in Mykolaiv from tonight

EU, 1000 patients evacuated to hospitals in Europe so far

To date, the EU has successfully coordinated 1,000 medical evacuations of Ukrainian patients through its Civil Protection Mechanism to provide them with specialized healthcare in hospitals across Europe. This is what the EU Commission has announced. As the number of injuries in Ukraine increases day by day, local hospitals struggle to keep up with the demand. At the same time, Poland, Moldova and Slovakia have requested support for medical evacuation operations (Medevac) due to the large influx of people. To alleviate the pressure on local hospitals, since 11 March the EU has been coordinating the transfer of patients to other European countries that have hospital capacity available. Patients were transferred to 18 countries: Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Lithuania, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic. Recent events include the transfer of 2 patients to the Czech Republic on 3 August, 15 patients evacuated to Germany, 4 patients to the Netherlands and 2 patients to Norway on 4 August.

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